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Home alone can be so boring for most people but how to video call on Facebook messenger is a tutorial needed by every Facebook user to trash boredom. If you must know, Facebook video chat and voice chat are for free so grab your phone to call whoever you wish to see once again.

Facebook messenger is not just a separate app, it is also embedded in Facebook app itself. This feature takes users to their chatroom every time it is tapped on. In Facebook Messenger, you will find your Facebook friends, chat them, discover ones that are online, view their recent stories, voice chat them, send pictures, send voice records, and now, video chat them for free.

Do you know how to video call on Facebook Messenger? This is a method you can deploy with your android or iPhone once your internet connection is actively working. At default, you can chat on Facebook Messenger app without data and also surf Facebook home feed without data but it is on the contrary when it to comes to its video chat. Interestingly, the feature is for free but needs data.

Therefore, stay here and discover how to video chat on your Facebook for free so as to enjoy this featured tool that bridges gap between you and your international friends, family, and local friends as well. Enjoy all the tools in video chat to make it more fun-filled. Screen record if you have to but just be happy.

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Download Facebook Messenger App

Hope you know that you cannot unlock this video call without having the Messenger app in your mobile phone. Even if you tap the Messenger icon on your phone, it will redirect you to a play store where you will download the Facebook Messenger app first in order to access other features.

  • So, go to your play store now as it affiliates with your mobile phone.
  • A quick review on the homepage might take you to the messenger app as it is one of the most downloaded app in the world.
  • However, you can just go directly to the search column and search Facebook Messenger.
  • Tap on Search to bring in the app on your screen.
  • Download the app and allow it to automatically install itself.
  • You may now login with your Facebook user ID and corresponding password.

You have the app, all thanks to you. Let’s plan on how to video call on Facebook messenger for free.

How to Video Call on Facebook Messenger

With your mobile phone, you have two ways of locating the video chat feature. Both ways are still on Facebook messenger but it encompasses of calling from the Facebook app itself and Facebook messenger itself.

  1. Open Facebook app from your mobile phone.
  2. A tap will log you in.
  3. Hit on the Messenger icon at the top right side of the app.
  4. Tap on the contact you want to call.
  5. At the top right side of the chat page, tap on Video call icon to send your call immediately.
  6. It is now up to the person to pick your call.

Do you know that you can call up to 50 persons at once on Facebook? For you to do that, you have to create a Facebook group of maximum 50 members because this amount is the limit. Place a call and other ones that are online at the moment will connect.

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How to Free Video Chat on Messenger

Calls can go directly from Facebook Messenger. Just log onto the Facebook messenger app by tapping on it. Search and locate the contact you want to call. Tap on the contact and hit the video chat icon. Start your call with the number of people you desire.

How to Make Facebook Video Call on Pc

More so, laptops or computers can access this feature as well provided that the PC has a Facebook app. You can download the latest Opera Mini for PC to access Facebook Messenger from there. Additionally, Facebook app for PC is available online. Click here to download for free immediately. Deploy same procedure displayed above to call any of your Facebook friends.

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