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It is not surprising that some people don’t know how to view Whatsapp status. That is never a problem because we have taken time to show you how to view Whatsapp status on this page. Believe me, you will discover how easy it is.

Whatsapp status is an entertainment page on Whatsapp app. It is the only place friends communicate with each other publicly. More to that, some people choose the amount of people that can view their status. You can view or share your contents or posts on Status for all your Whatsapp contacts to see.

So, when you login Whatsapp to chat only, you will not catch up with all the fun. You cannot view status or have idea of any online trending contents. Most people obtain posts from other social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to post in their status just for fun. In order to keep up with the entertainment, it is necessary to know how to view Whatsapp status.

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Whatsapp Status

This is a page in Whatsapp that people tend to communicate with their Whatsapp contacts. It is more like Feed page where you share posts and give people the opportunity to air their view. When you feel like sparking your Whatsapp room or whenever you feel like getting people’s comments or view about a particular issue, send a post on your Whatsapp.

However, you can’t be able to execute any of these if you have no clue of how to view Whatsapp status. This page has answered all the questions.

How to Post on Whatsapp Status

Before we illustrate how to view Whatsapp status, we have decided to show you how to share posts on Whatsapp status so that whenever you feel like sharing information with your contacts, you will smoothly and easily execute it without pressure. To share a post or posts on your status

  • Login your Whatsapp through your mobile phone or PC.
  • The first homepage you are seeing is your chatroom. This is where conversations take place. Also, when you feel like referring to previous talks, come here and tap on any of the contacts you wish to go through its chats.
  • Swipe your screen left or just tap on “Status” seen beside “Chats” text icon.
  • Go down to the end right side of the screen to tap on “Camera” icon there.
  • Scroll through you gallery to obtain pictures and videos to share.
  • On the contrary, hit on the “pencil” icon to write something and post.

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Now that you have seen how to post something on Whatsapp status, it is time to discover how to view Whatsapp status so that you can review posts timelessly.

Whatsapp Status can only stay for 24 hours. The duration doesn’t exceed 24 hours. Meanwhile, you can limit the duration by simply deleting the content from the Status page. So, don’t be surprised when you wake up to no status again. On the other hand, status can be shared, downloaded, muted, or deleted. Ask me how?

How to View Whatsapp Status

Viewing status share by your contacts on Whatsapp is very simple once you know how to go about it. This page has all it takes for you to view status on Whatsapp without much ado.

  1. Launch Whatsapp now to locate “Status”.
  2. Posts shared by your contacts will appear on this screen.
  3. Tap on any of them so that posts shared by that contact will start showing.
  4. Remember that it flows on its own when it is not held. So, tap and hold so that you will view it vigorously before it goes to another section.
  5. Just like that, you can view all the posts shared by your friends and family.

Note that this status can only be seen by your Whatsapp contacts. That is to say, only saved contacts with Whatsapp account can view your contents. Moreover, you can download any status that interested you the most by downloading a Status Saver app.

In that case, download it now from your application store for free to start downloading people’s status for free once you have viewed it from Whatsapp.

After going through this guide, if you still have questions for us, use the comment box below to indicate.

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