August 13, 2022
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Humber Scholarship Application | Study in Humber University, Canada`

Observe the protocols behind the successful application of Humber university scholarship for high school finalists and tertiary graduands this 2021. 15th August is the due date of application and i know you won’t afford to miss it again this time. Therefore, complete your Humber scholarship application 2021 for international students.

Humber scholarship is a year-to-year grant administration funded by Humber University situated in Toronto, Canada. Students are invited from every corners of the world to apply for the scholarship through the exact recognized procedures of application. It deserves no long process just that the application procedure stated that all required supplemental materials will be submitted to the provided institution’s email.

That is to say, students can simply board their own plane to Canada for free using the scholarship opportunity. Access advanced training for a Bachelor’s or Masters Certification with Humber Scholarship application. At this point, just know that it is very much possible with the availability of trained and high degree certified lecturers in Humber University. So, this is the opportunity to access same level of education like Havard students.

Value the perspective incurred in you for the great achievements of your life goals. Meet new people and make friends from diverse locality. You can as well learn new languages from your co-beneficiaries of this scholarship once your enlistment has been confirmed. More to that; learn how to do humber scholarship application for 2021 selection and enrollment. Remember, your academic expenses are already covered.

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Demands from Applicants

This fully-funded scholarship to study in Canada has done a lot of good to numerous international students that leveraged the scholarship directly from the root. Every successful company, institution or organization has defined rules and regulations that guides them. We bring to you, requirements of Humber scholarship from students, applicants precisely;

  • 2021 Humber scholarship application for international students ends on 14th August. That is to say that all international applicants must apply before the deadline.
  • Any applicant heading on to the application portal must be a High school leaver aiming for a
  • Bachelor’s Degree certification or a graduate wishing to attain a Masters degree Certificate
  • You must agree to undergo the respective program full time. No part-time program is acceptable.
  • Apply with your transcript which is a basic document in recognition for selection as individual’s academic records are one of the factors for selecting finalists.
  • More to that, transferred students or presently students of Humber University are not allowed to make their application
  • Before applying, ensure that you have received admission offer in your related field of study.

Supplementary Documents to Submit

  • Any students with an offer from the institution must have a Student ID. So submit your Student ID
  • Transcript / Academic Records – Graduates will present their Bachelor’s Degree while High School
  • Finalist will present their Final year result
  • Graduates will submit a CV with an illustration of their Work Experience in their related field of study
  • Recommendation Letter shouldn’t exceed 2
  • English Proficiency Test

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Academic Qualifications

Like it was stated, students are required to maintain High grades once they have been finally accepted into the Institution. Your score will determine the validity of your academic funding. But beforehand, these are the required academic qualifications expected from the students

Students from non-English speaking country or a country that doesn’t recognize English as an official language must provide an Electronic English Proficiency Test to discover your flexibility in Oral and Written English. Your IELT should record at least 6.5

Then, a GPA score of at least 85%

These are expected academic qualifications for screening, first. This is not the time to move from pillar to post, it’s time to make a discovery and attain your life goals as your academic training and degrees will pay you off for the rest of your life.

Study Level

The two first levels of educational pursuit is recognized here. Graduates are cordially invited to attain their postgraduate pursuit with the scholarship while undergraduate certification is offered as well.

Ensure that you haven’t ever received same certificate you are applying for, since lifetime. On the other hand, ensure that you are not currently exploiting a National, University, Organization or Private Grant while applying for Humber Scholarship for International Students 2020.

Humber Scholarship Application

You will conduct a direct submission to the email that will be illustrated here. Once more, go back to the listed supplementary documents of this scholarship. Gather the documents, scan them as a pdf file and submit to the institution at

All accepted applications will be notified to the applicants individually within 2 weeks of application with an emailed application link. Login the portal through the sent link to access your application form.

You’ve gone through procedures for applying Humber university undergraduate scholarship 2020. Follow the prompts to apply responsibly. Goodluck!


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