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You have been dreaming to study outside the state but do you know the measures taken by all other students that are presently enjoying a fully funded scholarship? They researched on the scholarship and applied for it. Now, its your turn! Attaining ICSP international scholarship all depends on you, so pay keen attention while going through these instructions.

International students that proved an excellent academic grades during their previous educational encounter i.e during their secondary school are hereby cordially invited to a prestigious scholarship into US for prominent international students. Here, we will take care of your Bachelor’s degree certification while you take care of maintaining appeasing scores during your educational pursuit.

Of course, your recent training towards your life career will enable you to attain award-winning attribute for the rest of your life. On the other hand, you become an instrument of emulation when you are molded by a greater molder. In recognition to all the great attributes of Oregon University and top-rated recommendations by prominent men of various countries; in which 78% are the alumni.

With a combination to our resources spent while researching on this program, we came to the conclusion that ICSP international scholarship is like no other. Its funding is something to write home about. Study in US with this open opportunity for your country when you still can. Students residing in the US, or citizens of the host country are ineligible and these gave you enough chance to shoot your shot.

Therefore, observe and assimilate the ways to do ICSP international scholarship application for international students to study in an outstanding US university termed the University of Oregon – Home of Technology and Immense education training. Download application form university of Oregon scholarship pdf from here. Meanwhile, do you know that UO offers more Financial Aid to freshmen?

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Other University of Oregon’s Scholarships

There are other academic merit scholarships by the University of Oregon. ICSP is an application-based scholarship because they select students according to requirements of application met individually. But here, there are other University of Oregon Scholarship offered with your academic rate and without much ado, we gonna swipe to that direction.

  1. We have the SUMMIT SCHOLARSHIP that graduates undergraduates that met up or exceeded a certain GPA limit during their previous academic collection. Collectively, its for undergraduates with 3.80 GPA and a test score of 26 ACT
  2. The next but not the most demanding is the UO EXCELLENCE SCHOLARSHIP for incoming Freshmen with proved academic minimum GPA of 3.90 or exceedingly. Approaching the test score? You must possess a 33 ACT
  3. Last but not the least is the APEX SCHOLARSHIP. Its another scholarship targeted at same incoming Freshmen having a test score 25 ACT while the GPA portrays 3.60 minimum.

Note that: This scholarship has a generally accepted qualified GPA Scale as 4.00 which all the students must maintain. So, being able to become admitted to this scholarship depends on your academic performances. You can go for them, if you wish. They pay off different maximum grants for each of the scholarships as well. 

Right now, lets deal on the main deal which is ICSP International Scholarship for International Students.

Recognized University for Incoming Students

Well, we initially indicated that each of the students will gain refuge in the University of Oregon while undergoing the ICSP scholarship funded by the US government. This is another countdown to find yourself in US for academic pursuit.

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Requirements from Ideal Applicants:

These are your responsibility. Ensure that they are all confirmed before approaching the application menu. Each of the applicants must adhere to all these instructions because applications are judged individually.

  1. ICSP scholarship application is only for international students with no degrees yet. College freshmen are invited to apply for Tuition fee, living cost, accommodation and monthly stipend waived scholarship in US
  2. Apply before January 15th of any year
  3. February marks a day of enlistment announcement and publications. Take note. That’s why you should apply on time
  4. UO Scholarship is for both male and female
  5. Demonstrate financial inability for your application to win  a consideration
  6. Apply for an admission into University of Oregon if you never did because every undergraduate must have received an admission from the university before attempting for the scholarship application.
  7. What about your Grade Average Point(GPA) ensure that its at the qualified level.
  8. Most importantly, ICSP scholarship is only for foreigners.

ICSP International Scholarship

We have currently closed our application portal and disabled every form of application connection till the right moment for next season’s application. Don’t come around this time next year. Repeat your visitation on November so as to apply ICSP scholarship into University of Oregon, US from our webpage.

For more inquiries? Contact us @ www.visavit.com. We are open for all sorts of clarifications.


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