August 13, 2022
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Indian Government Scholarships for International Students

Indian government scholarships for international students are finally here as they are introduced by their grantees, the ICCR ( Indian Council for Cultural Relations). So, are you a European, Asian, African, Carribean, Latino, or from any other regions of the world, this exclusive funding program is for you.

All countries are now given an invite to permit students into India so that they will consume an opportunity with endless life financial support throughout their academics. In as much as you cannot take it from your country, you should know that this program will be taken in India and all beneficiaries are expected to be in India already, before the program kickstarts.

Fortunately, the Indian government scholarships for international students funds for beneficiaries in all round apart from their Visa. Once you see yourself in India, do you know the amount of support to enjoy? Your tuition fee will be 100% sorted, your material demands such as textbook, notebook, and some other study materials, then, going back to health issues.

Well, that is one of the best support ever, because once you notice irregularities or health breakdown, there wouldn’t be a need to stress or budget for the payment because it is one of your bargains as an Indian student. That said, your medical treatments take place at the university dispensary or any other medical center affiliated with your university.

Meanwhile, do you know the participating universities that aligned with the Indian government scholarship for international applicants in making your stay a memorable one? Most prominent and prevailing Indian universities are the associate universities that will undertake students. Therefore, apply for this fully funded Indian government scholarships if you are a foreigner.

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Award Description

You will be paid in rupees monthly. Your accommodation, living allowance, the contingent grant comes in, annually. However, all these mentioned benefits and non-mentioned benefits supersede each other according to the level of study you are in. Postdoctoral students receive higher than the postgraduates while the postgraduates’ benefits are higher than the undergraduates. That is the exceptional value of this Indian government scholarships for international students.

Participating Constituencies

International students are the sole winner of this scholarship. Every foreign student is an exceptional individual and at the same time, the top considered when it comes to this amazing offer in India. So, enjoy the grants and bursaries offered to qualified foreigners that met with the selection criteria under Indian government scholarships for international students.

The Qualified Study Level

Be ready to drink from this spring if you are anticipating for a Bachelor’s certification, Master’s certification, or the Doctoral. This is the only qualification genuinely offered to students that met up with the academic records and bring back satisfactory results for themselves and the university.

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Requirements from Applicants

  • Ensure that you are not a National of Indian.
  • Most importantly, your Visa must be a proper visa. If anyway, your Visa was detected to be a subject of fraudulence, you will be deported and there are no two ways about it.
  • You will study in India as a full-time student and agree to be admitted into any Indian university that collides with the ICCR scholarship.
  • Every scholarship will undergo selection processes and only applications that met with the criteria will be selected. So, follow the applicable terms and conditions if you really wanna be chosen.
  • However, there are some application documents that will be made known to all the applicants and it is only when these application documents are complete will you be assured of being among the consideration list.

Indian Government Scholarships for International Students

There’s only one portal for applying Indian government scholarships for international students. When an applicant deviate from applying at the exact webpage, consider the application invalid because the only recognizable application is the one applied and submitted at

Application Instructions

You are not mandated to apply more than once. Multiple applications will attract eviction so don’t make the mistake of applying more than once. On the other hand, ensure that you read the terms and conditions guiding the scholarship application so that you wouldn’t trip while applying.

I’m glad you read this article up to this extent. We would love to hear from you, tell us how you felt while applying for an Indian government scholarship for foreign students.

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