Indian Student Visa Application Form | Requirements and Fees

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If you gained admission into any of the schools in India, then this guide is for you. There are various visa available for immigrants to India of which students visa is among. Keep reading this article to see how to get the Indian Student Visa Application Form, the requirements, and fees needed.

Indian Student Visa Review

The Indian Student Visas are for individuals who are not currently the resident of India but gained admission into any school in India. Such visa is, however, to give the candidate a permit to stay in India all through the duration of his study which is usually five years.

Indian Student Visa Application Form | Requirements and Fees

For students going to India for study, the basic requirement is your international Passport and your India visa application form.

Passport Description

Your passport is required, it must be original and also the photocopy of the passport information and the page of signature must be presented. The passport you will be presenting must be valid at least for six months and duly signed. Also, it must have two blank passport pages for India visa stamps. The amendment pages at the back of the passport are not used for Indian visas stamping.

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Indian Student Visa Application Form |Requirements

Your student visa application form can be filled and completed online at  As you are visiting the Indian consulate office you have to present your completed visa application form online.

To fill the Visa application form online, using the website link above, tap on the “Orange button tagged “Regular Visa Application” at the top of the page.

  • Fill your name just as it is on your passport.
  • Give answers or fill all the empty space.
  • Select the type of visa and duration of validity applied must be the same as the listing on all your other documentation
  • Let your passport be signed on the first page right under your photo, and on the second page. All your signatures should be the same as the one on your passport. Your signature must be in the center of the box, it should not touch the edges of the box.
  • Ensure that you don’t forget to add your email address on your application form as if not key it your form will be rejected.
  • Two recent colored passport
  • Get Letter of Acceptance from a reputable educational institution in India confirming your admission, the core details of your duration, admission, and the course too. Financial arrangements while staying over there for the students.
  • A letter containing full details of the applicant including utility bill (water, gas, sewage, etc), a copy of house rent receipt with your full signature on it. Proof of residency.
  • All applicants must be above 18 years. All child must sign their signature or send a thumbprint.
  • Bank statement of sponsor or applicant for the past six months
  • Letter confirming that the applicant will be sponsored for six months through your stay in India.
  • Next, get to the India high commission and submit your documents for the interview
  • Show your proof of enough funds, having your bank statement up to the last three months.
  • Birth certificate in case you were born overseas, you need the evidence of birth certificate at the consulate office.
  • Country of origin.

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How Much is Indian Visa Fees?

You will be asked to make payments for your visa. Although not actually a fixed price but about $254. Although, fees varies from one country to another. Check on the office of the consulate of India in your own country to know the basics. Or get to India visa office for more information on fees and visa processing times .






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