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La Trobe university PhD scholarship is an available Turkish scholarship that can be accessed by both home students and international students. Eventually, La Trobe university has increased amount of scholarships given out annually. The grant is paid handsomely to selected beneficiaries. Therefore, adhere to instructions shown below on how to apply for this 2020 PhD scholarship.

For your best interest, La Trobe university is a recognized Turkish-owned university that has declared open hands to international students intending for a PhD training in their various career fields. Interestingly, this is an all subject taught scholarship for our foreign applicants. However, La Trobe university scholarship is a full fee paid scholarship for both the Turkish and international students.

In as much as living costs, tuition fee, course fees and some other significant academic costs are all you will and must cover as a new student of La Trobe university, taking care of these costs won’t be a problem because La Trobe university has taken responsibility of the costs. The amount and range of scholarship for the year 2020 is far different from others. So, furthering your studies won’t be a difficult task after all.

In that case, whether you are intending for a Bachelor’s certification or Master’s certification, with our all-subject taught scholarship, you will have to apply for La Trobe university PhD scholarship for international students. Above all, Turkey is the host place of study but that doesn’t require foreign claimants to create perfection in Turkish language. If you can’t speak, read or understand English, that’s not a problem. You can know them as days go by.

La Trobe University Scholarship Application Form

Do you know where to discover La Trobe university scholarship application form? It cannot be found on any other place apart from the online application portal. To help you find the portal is what we are here for. You know that it is only when an application form is found will you be able to apply for La Trobe university scholarship. As a matter of fact, this is a scholarship for both undergraduates and postgraduates.

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Requirements from International Applicants

Permit me to show you all you must provide to declare and attest authenticity of your scholarship application. Affirm the availability of these documents already, before applying for the scholarship. So;

  1. You ought to know that international students must have a proof of originating from another country.
  2. More to that, Turkish students will demonstrate their national ID to attest their Turkish citizenship.
  3. However, enjoy a 100% grant that will cover your whole costs provided that you apply La Trobe university scholarship before 31st December, 2020.
  4. Being an international student with citizenship proof is not the only criteria to present as an international student but you must apply for an admission into the next semester and as well, accept the admission.
  5. This bursary is what you need as it will see you throughout your duration.
  6. Undergraduates will provide high school transcripts,
  7. While postgraduates will present their undergraduate degree. They are just the proof of a completed previous academic level. It will also prove your worthiness in receiving this grant.

Place of Study

Whether you are a Turkish or not, you will study in La Trobe university. Turkey. With or without Turkish fluency, you can still access this scholarship opportunity.

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Scholarship Deadline

La Trobe university PhD scholarship application is not applied later than the due date (31st December,2020). So, if you really want to apply and then receive positive feedback after application, ensure that you prepared addressed documents, attach them alongside the application form and then submit online before the due date. Furthermore, let’s review how to apply for La Trobe university PhD scholarship for international students 2020.

La Trobe University PhD Scholarship Application

Quickly, we wish to let you know that there’s no separate application form for the La Trobe university scholarship for postgraduates. Provided that the coursework aligned to your career field is among the present courses recognized by the university, embark on this trip by first of all, visiting – to apply for an admission.

It is with your student ID that you can gain access into the website. So, since you still want to apply after exploring this page, click on the blue link to get our scholarship application started.

You can now apply La Trobe university PhD scholarship by yourself right? If there are still significant inquiries to make, use the comment box below for that.

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