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Apply for leader of tomorrow scholarship for international students at University of British Colombia ( UBC ). This is a scholarship scheme consisting of two different prestigious grant evaluations for international students from diverse localities to study in one of the most recognized universities in Canada. The only vital role to play as an applicant is to study all the terms and conditions which are already shown on this page.

Leader of tomorrow scholarship recognizes intellectually inclined undergraduates and post secondary school students to study any preferred coursework in the university provided that it is among their eligible undergraduate discipline. Moreover, there are requirements which each and every applicant must meet up with before an application is considered. That said, you must demonstrate high level of interest to study in University of British Colombia so as to be able to have all these prerequisites met.

More to that, the grantees has decided to nurture students in order to forge leaders of tomorrow as the name depicts. These beneficiaries will turn out to be scholars after their programs are completed. With their new skills, we believe they will make a difference to the world and assist in creating and positively influencing upcoming leaders of the world. In that case, you must be ready to demonstrate perfection in all the extracurricular activities so as to give back to the society.

Therefore, apply leader of tomorrow scholarship for international students so as to unlock such opportunity for yourself. The opportunity to study in another refined environment for free. Opportunity to startup and complete a program while having all your academic costs funded. Additionally, you are bound to making new friends from different countries because the scholarship is an internationally-bounded program.

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Level of Study

It happens to be that international students intending to proceed this program must be students that have interest to further course program in university and haven’t ever stayed in four walls of the university since lifetime. On the other hand, you should know that your preferred course must be among the listed qualified courses in the institution.

List of Eligible Subjects

Eligible subjects are all undergraduate courses recognized in the university. That is to say, you must browse the university portal to realize all the qualified undergraduate coursework before proceeding with an application. Demonstrating strong academic record and intellect is also top considered. So, before you apply for either of the two scholarships schemes recognized in leader of tomorrow scholarship for international students your interest must align with shown subjects in recognition.

Application Deadline

The application deadline is December annually.

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Prerequisites in Recognition for International Students

Without much ado, let’s take closer look at all the requirements specially generated for international applicants which must be high school leavers or post secondary school students.

  1. First of all, your course interest must align with eligible subjects in recognition.
  2. Most of all, you must demonstrate excellent academic results in order to attain your life goals.
  3. If you must know, all international students intending to apply either of the two recognized scholarship program must be students living away from Canada; Comoros, Asian, Africa and other countries apart from Canada.
  4. Additionally, maintaining strong academic reputation is just one among requirements that will not be taken for granted.
  5. Moreover, all the supplementary documents prior to application must be scanned and attached to the application form before a submission is attempted.
  6. Do you want to study in University of British Colombia? Provided that you are talented and has agreed to positively influence the world around you, nothing can obstruct you from accessing the program situated for international students in this university.

In that case, this is a thorough overview of how to apply leader of tomorrow scholarship for international students.

Leader of Tomorrow International Scholarship for International Students

This is actually how to apply for Karen McKellin international scholarship and how to apply Donald A. Wehrung international student award because they are the only recognized international scholarship schemes accessible with the scholarship permit. Provided that your interest to further your preferred coursework has increased, develop the accessibility field when you visit – https://you.ubc.ca/financial-planning/scholarships-awards-international-students/international-scholars/#modal-cta-full-detail-1

This webpage will assist you to apply promptly without hassle. So, congratulations as you proceed with the application. The comment box below is open for conversation. You can start a conversation or contribute to the content.

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