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Hey! Do you want to study abroad? MEPI undergraduate scholarship application is the next considerable decision to make. Apply for MEPI scholarship 2021 if your country is among the listed eligible countries and you are also ready to receive an undergraduate degree certificate is the eligible field of study.

Middle East Partnership Initiative Scholarship program is an award program for students from Middle East and North Africa between the ages of 20 – 24 to start a university program in United States. This scholarship is guaranteed as a fully funded for the 60 annually selected students till their course program is completed. Students from the eligible countries, whether you are a resident with legal permanent resident proof or a legal citizen by birth, this scholarship is really the next recommended reviewed program for you as a pre-undergraduate student.

Its certainly a full year program added with Internship program for all the enlisted students. However, these highlighted students are selected under specific criteria. First of all, you will start making plans for the application approach when you are from an underdeveloped background or family; and unable to further your higher institutional programs. Ideal candidates intending to go as far as US in terms of furthering their higher-institutional program, are urged to study the application regulations and policy closely so as to apply without repercussion.

More to that; host nationality remains the eligible countries. Look conscientiously to get the qualified countries. This scholarship is addresses to few countries from two regions – the Middle East and North Africa, hence they are foreigners. The application intent is waived once your are from none of these countries or a citizen of US. Prior to that, you must apply to startup with the next academic session which must kickstart from August next year – 2021. Therefore, this scholarship is an inevitable outbreak that every highly motivated university student shouldn’t miss!.

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Qualified Constituencies

Qualified countries of MEPI Scholarship are no other country other than these ones listed below. Students from any of these countries are urged to go ahead with the application provided that their level of interest is high enough. Before your application, gather the proof of being an indigene of the national.

  1. Algeria
  2. Morocco
  3. Iraq
  4. Tunisia
  5. Qatar
  6. Libya
  7. Israel
  8. Jordan
  9. Kuwait
  10. Lebanon
  11. Bahrain

Qualified Universities

Eventually, any student making attempt to apply for MEPI Scholarship 2020 should ensure its interest in any of the three universities. The acknowledged universities are these institutions listed below. They are the participating universities in which all MEPI Alumni graduated from and which you will join soon, after selection. So,check out your choice considerations before application online.

  • American University in Cairo
  • Lebanese American University
  • American University of Beirut

So, what do you think? Do any of these universities meet up with your university choice or criteria for choosing a university?. They certainly will, because they are among the most ranked universities from US to the whole world.

MEPI Scholarship Benefits

  1. Accommodation
  2. Life Insurance
  3. Accident Insurance
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Travel Fare
  6. Monthly Allowance
  7. English Language training for interested students
  8. Academic Fees.

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Requirements from Applicants

Every interested scholarship recipients are required to meet up with these criteria before their application becomes considered. Its a mandatory criteria which must be executed by student applicants and abroad-study aspirant.

  • You must be a citizen of the qualified countries before your eligibility is approved
  • Application approval is stated according to the time of application – how early it is
  • The scholarship applicant must have decided to proceed with higher institution studies once the next academic session begins
  • Strong record of English speaking and writing proficiency
  • High school records must be graded at the top phase, atleast medium score. Your GPA must be high as high school leaver
  • Application started early October 2019 and expires on December. MEPI Scholarship 2020 application started October 1, 2019.
  • As you are not from an English speaking country, one year English training will be undergone
  • Students must admit and agree to commence their studies in the US partnered universities listed above
  • Its a fully funded scholarship, so your basic needs as student is already covered.

MEPI Undergraduate Scholarship Application

MEPI Scholarship 2020 is an annual scholarship in which participants always gain a lot unlike few other scholarships. Application starts immediately October hits the year and it must be submitted before its December. MEPI Scholarship 2020 application has expired and closed till ending of this year. You still stand the chance to apply for MEPI Scholarship 2021.

Its a renewable process so your application must proceed with others and attention will be granted once its October. Therefore, watch closely to get update for the next application. Should in case you still in quest for the next, we wouldn’t love you to miss it. Drop your details below, using the comment box below.

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