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Become a perfectionist in your career field with MSU international scholarship for Africans. We believe that students has this hidden intellects and natural gifts that needs to be forged into a resourceful accomplishment. This will only become a reality when the student approach a platform that will nurture the talent into recognition.

It doesn’t matter the exact state or country to undergo your career program. The only needful thing to note is how the environment will help in making you skillful and enlightened based on your kind of career, how the institution will help you in discovering hidden talents that will help you throughout your lifetime. Back to Michigan State University, this university is a very popular university in Michigan not just because of it’s name, but because of the skillful leaders that they have produced since the advent.

You have a way of adding value to the world and changing the world with the degree you receive today. Therefore, African students precisely, that are ready to undergo a perfect training that will make them ambassadors in their respective fields should heed to all the terms and conditions guiding the MSU International scholarship for Africans. In case you don’t know, only African students can actually apply this very scholarship called the Miriam J. Kelley African Grant.

Meanwhile, Michigan State University has other tons of scholarship for different countries, level of study, and subject categories. This very scholarship that you are quietly and currently exploring the page is for African students and especially for women. So, master’s or PhD applicants are solely qualified for this scholarship and beneficiaries are entitled to the annual benefits given in USD value.

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Qualified Candidates

It is always a great idea for you to check your qualifications and identify if you are really qualified to proceed with the application. Looking fairly at all the processes behind the application of this scholarship, it is quite clear that only intelligent, bright and intellectually gifted students can do this.

  • The first on this list is the degree qualification. Before you become sure of this scholarship application, you will first of all ensure that your previous degrees has been duly completed with all the transcript intact.
  • On the other hand, a student making attempt to apply be an African with a temporary Michigan visa. If you are an African that later received a permanent visa, you are ineligible.
  • More so, females are mostly encouraged but that doesn’t mean that males are not qualified.
  • You will make an agreement to contribute to the development of your country in turn. Note that.
  • In addition to that, a Bachelor’s degree certificate is the least degree qualification acceptable.

So, after making observations as regards the qualifications required from students intending to apply this scholarship, you will realize how needful it is for you to save transcripts and save yourself from stress.

Other Qualifications from African Applicants

Study Location

  • Michigan and at Michigan State University as an African student with a proper temporary visa.

Eligible Level of Program

  • Only for PhD and Master’s. You will apply either of the two because two qualifications application is impossible.

Available Subjects 

  • A maximum access to all subjects offered in Michigan State university will be given to beneficiaries of the scholarship. So, all you have to do id to work on getting the application first.

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Application Procedure

Students has been made to understand that it is an online application but there are specified documents that will be submitted alongside the application to validate the authenticity of the scholarship and then, put it on the consideration list.

If you wouldn’t mind, below are the documents needed to support your application and the first one is:

  • Letter : Three different topics were given to candidates to write on. They will be narrated on 3 single spaced pages. Ensure that you write this essay. It’s very important and inevitable.
  • Other Supportive Documents: There are just your Transcript, CV, other highlighted academic records, two supporting letters from your chairperson and a lecturer etc.

MSU International Scholarship for Africans

I’m glad that you read up to this extent meaning that you are eady to apply for MSU international scholarship for Africans. The application goes like this:

  1. Open a web browser from your mobile phone or laptop. But now, you are not supposed to be ready for an application. You will review the letters first, and complete the supporting documents required before you are good to go.
  2. So, log onto
  3. Review all the requirements and complete them just as required.
  4. Come back and hit the apply button so that you can start with your application.
  5. Please apply before July 13 of any year you found yourself because it’s an annual grant.

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