August 10, 2022
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New Fully Funded Scholarship for African Undergraduate Students

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Here are the new fully funded scholarship for African undergraduate student, search for the scholarship opportunities that is suitable for you and apply respectively. The listed scholarships below are the most recent ones, all entry requirements, the fully funded scholarships procedures and visa application guide are shown below.

Chevening Fully Funded Scholarship for African Undergraduate Students

Since 1983 Chevening has raised above 49000 applicants all over the world in different fields via their scholarship programs. The foundation is fully funded by the UK government. This wonderful opportunity has helped a lot of people especially those in Africa to achieve their dreams. Recent graduates made a lot of expression voicing out their heart felt love towards this organization.

Right now, the opportunity is opened for all African undergraduate students to embrace and excel. The entry requirements needs that applicants apply through the designated means. Moreover the ongoing Chevening Scholarship Is a fully funded scholarship, applicants are to claim their tuition fees, including the accommodation fees once they are approved.

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Please note that Chevening scholarship opportunity are only awarded to candidates who demonstrated leadership and potential skills. Also applicants who showed strong desire to study. The advertised scholarship is a fully funded scholarship given to undergraduate and eligible master degree applicants to study at any UK university of their choice. scholarship programs welcomes all applications from exceptional candidates across the globe to study, excel, grow and thrive at their choice ef university in the UK.

Apply Here

Karsh Fully Funded Scholarship for Undergraduate students at Duke University

Application are welcome now from all candidates all over the world to enjoy Karsh fully paid scholarship program to study at the University of Duke. The purpose of this scholarship is to birth a world leading generation, this idea is channeled to bringing all intelligent, smart, strong academic zealous students together to build a world of unlimited knowledge.

The scholarship is only awarded to study at the University of Duke, however the University of Duke is a private owned university located at North Carolina, Durham. The school is known for excellence in the field of research with evidence as the best college national university in 2017.

The eligibility demands that all interested applicants must be form the designated countries. So, search for your country in the list shown on their site, candidates must also demonstrate a strong zeal of academic hunting. Behold, all application should be done online using he website shown. Admission are strictly on merit.

Apply Here

University of Canberra New Fully Funded Scholarship for Undergraduate students

The University of Canberra offers scholarship for undergraduate in political science, Engineering, Medicine and surgery, Nursing and all other field. Application are welcomed from all candidate across the globe to study at the university. Are you smart, zealous, brilliant? Are you ready to birth your dreams, start now with the Canberra university scholarship?; Application is very free and easy, simply submit an application now and be qualified to enjoy schooling at ease. Remember, Learning is fun when someone does the payment, and Canberra University is ready to give you funds, financial aids to start and finish your programs in the school. However the scholarship program is given by the school to study in the same university. African student or international students can browse through to grab an opportunity that sooth them.

Start Application Here

LCB Principal Funding Fully Funded Scholarship for African Undergraduate Students

De Montfort University Leicester Welcomes application from African students all over the world to apply for their scholarship programs. Chances are open for a Research degree DBA, PhD, MPhil, MSc or MA by research

Interested applicant are to submit their application including the requested documents at the website below. All those who are grandaunts from DMU are to submit their application via email at pgradmissions@dmu, While applying make sure you attach all the documents required at the website. Read all he entry requirements for a degree problem.

Start Your Application Here:

Documents Required for Scholarship Application

  • Research proposal.
  • High school result
  • Two academic references
  • An IELT certificate which is not older than 2 years. This is your proof of English profic

For more enquires, visit us at or drop your coments in the comment box below.



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