Ongoing Scholarship for Ghanaian Students 2020 – 2021

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Welcome to Ghana based scholarships links, search for a scholarship program that has all you want. These are the ongoing scholarship for Ghanaian students 2021 -2021. If you missed the opportunity of such last year, here is another one by the corner.

Education Is fun when someone handles the bills and there are several organizations both governmental and non-governmental organization willing to take care of your academic needs. Ranging from scholarships for the poor orphans down to scholarship for Ghanaian students to study abroad, there are scholarships that can suit you.

Someone once asked, if there is a scholarship opportunity for a second class division result holder, we said yes to that questions, there are a lot of scholarships programs that doesn’t involve much requirements, some of them are just channeled towards helping you achieve your dream. No one knows why you had a second class lower division or less than that, but if such a person can pass the GMAT and pass other screening exercise then the person must have been rated wrongly.

You will find the ongoing scholarship for Ghanaian students 2020 and also how to apply for them responsively.

Ongoing Scholarship for Ghanaian Students 2020 – 2021

University of Ghana Scholarships

The University of Ghana is one of the oldest and largest first situated university in the country of Ghana. The University was founded in the year 1948 during the British colony, upon that time it was known as the University of the Gold Cost, and it was then affiliated to the University of London. Later the University gained its freedom to stand as a singular university in the year 1961 and now admits more than 40,000 students per session. Below are the series of scholarship programs which they offers

University of Ghana, Department of Soil Science in Ghana

This program is aimed at breaking forth international minded and higher education system in Africa. To gear this plan, the university of Ghana grants free scholarship to applicants especially to those who plan to push forward their career in teaching or research

DAAD scholarship

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst German Academic Exchange Service invites interested applicants from Ghana and across Africa to apply for a scholarship program. In the program listed, applicants can apply for scholarship to study Social Science in the University of Science. Also applicants for Master’s degree and Ph.D. can apply responsive. The program is however sponsored by the Federal ministry of economic corporation and development

Mastercard scholarships to study in Ghana

At the Mastercard foundation, you are entitled to a full tie scholarship program if you merit such. Follow the website for any scholarship program that may push up soon.

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The University of Ghana Scholarships

You can enjoy Ghana scholarship fund at the University of Ghana, however, to enjoy a financial aid for the University of Ghana you must have to meet up with certain standard and qualification.

The GE Scholarship

The General Electric Company provides a clear cut flat rated scholarship opportunity to the undergraduate students at the University of Ghana. The GE scholarship is fully a one year program which is given to students who are in the field of BA Computer science and also in B.Sc Applied sciences. The scholarship is however renewable after two years. For the main time, the scholarship covers both the beneficiary school fees, text book allowance, residential fees and other tuitions.

EPI Scholarships

The Education pathways International Scholarship undergraduate students’ aid is ongoing now. The award which is in form of scholarship program is designed to aid beneficiaries pay their fees and buy text books when need be. The scholarship unlike the GE which is two year is for four years of which applicant’s academic fees including the wellbeing while in school will be taken care of.

However the applicants will have to have a very high academic performance, with at least B CGPA of 3.0. Also applicants must be an undergraduate may be in 100 level and in the University of Ghana to be able to qualify. Must have an aggregate of 11 or a better one in the WASSCE.

Other application requirements will be communicated to you at the schools website which is at However, if you have any questions or comment, use this comment box below to get to us



  1. Are applicants of the university of Ghana eligible to apply and not from other universities like K.N.U.S.T? and also where and when do apply and deadline respectively

    • Scholarships for Ghanaian Students
      There are a lot of scholarships that are ongoing for Ghanaian students, there is a fully funded scholarship for undergraduate, there are also fully funded scholarship for masters degree. Apply for a scholarship in Ghana now of get a scholarship form and apply for a scholarship for Ghanaians. Follow the link above to start your application immediately.

  2. Please can you apply for the scholarship when you are in your second year at the senior high school

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