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Do you want to be an OPay agent? Here is the Opay agent registration guide, this page contain all the information you need to get started. Do I need a BVN to register OPay? Find out here and lots more information to help.

OPay is an online money transfer and an internet service provider from Opera software; the service operate as an independent service to help users send and receive money, top up an airtime, pay bills like utility bills, also order for food at food store and grocery shops.

You may have heard of ORide and OWealth these are also an offshoot of OPay. We are going to disclose to you how to do opay agent registration and all that you need know.

Presently, OPay service Is in Keyan, South Africa and in Nigeria, if you are in any of this country, you must have seen what Is going on around you. The OPay Keke and motorcycle riders wears a green color jacket with an OPay mobile device kept in front of their machine.

Alright, talking about being an OPay agent, so which will you like to go into, do you want to be an OPay agent to deliver goods and groceries? Or do you want to be an ORide agent or become an investor in OWealth? Am sure you are confused right now, so let’s take it slowly, we are going to be dwelling on that and more on this page.

OPay Categories

There are three popular services from OPay opera and they are

ORide: This is an online service from Opera software that engages In delivering of local transport services to people within their locality. On, ORide subscribers can engage the activity of ORide agent to move them from place to place with their motorcycle or Keke. The ORide operators only uses either Motorcycle or Keke to move people.

OPay: Use OPay to order for food and groceries, make an order from shops within your locality and have OPay deliver it for you a cheap as anything. OPay collects little money to deliver this service to you.

OWealth: Make an investment on OWealth and earn 10 percent of your investment in few times. This I a sure deal for you and rust OWealth to make you rich within few months.

How to Be An Opay Agent

Just like narrated above, you can be an agent for any of this fractions, you can apply to be an agent for ORide, apply for OPay agent and also apply for OWealth agent, these requires a different attempt to apply, so we are going to be showing this simple OPay agent registration guide, so that you can apply  now.

Opay Agent Registration Form

You want to be an OWealth agent or you want to be an Opay agent, these are the content of your application form:

  • Download Opay app from Google play store or go to operapay.com to download app for free.
  • You will need your BVN
  • You will also need any utility bill receipt
  • Get any ID card like; International passport, Drivers license etc.
  • Register an account with OPay for free.
  • One passport size photograph Is required

These are the basic thing you need to apply for an OPay service, if you have any of these, then am sure you can become an agent with OPay.

Who can do OAPY Agent Registration?

  • A man or woman can work with OPay
  • Anyone who is mentally fit can work with OPay
  • Anyone who can understand simple English or the language of his locality.
  • ORide applicants must have a Keke or a motorcycle
  • Owealth agent applicants must have a working registered bank account number.
  • Applicants must have a valid means of identification.
  • Applicants must have a working knowledge of customer relationship.
  • Must own a working android phone with internet service working perfectly.

Benefits of Opay Agent

Am sure you will like to know what you stand to earn when you become an agent:

  • Earn a huge amount of money by meeting up with your target.
  • You are entitled to a free point of seller machine (POS)
  • Work with OPay and do your business without much stress.
  • You don’t need to look for customers.
  • Download OPay app and register for free.
  • OPay agents can fund or withdraw cash from their wallet.

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 Opay Agent Registration Guide – How to Apply for OPay Agent

Observe the steps below to apply for OPay agent:

Step One

Open your browser and log on to google playstore or go to https://operapay.com to download opay app. Once you’ve download the app, tap on Sign up with the app and then tap also on “become an Agent”

Step Two

Fill up the form, enter your name, email address and all that is required of you, once you are done, tap on continue.

Step Three

Upload the following documents to complete your registration; a valid ID, passport photograph, BVN, any utility bill receipt. Tap on submit to finish.

Once you upload these documents, you will receive a conformation call from OPay agent, more so, be ready for your acceptance.

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OPay Mobile App Download for Android | Windows Phone | iPhone|PC

OPay app is only available for only Android smartphone, so if you are using an Android phone, you are eligible to download opay app for free:

  • Open your browser and log on to your google playstore app or visit the OPeraPay website shown you above
  • Search for app and tap on download
  • Install app.

OPay App Registration

If you want to enjoy ORide or any Opay services, you can follow the steps below to register your app after download:

  • Locate the app on your phone and install properly
  • Enter your mobile phone number and email address
  • Create a One-time login password
  • OPay will send you a verification code to verify your account, so follow the lead.
  • Fund your opay account to be able to make transaction.

How to Fund Your OPay Wallet

Opay Agent Registration image

  • Open your opay app and tap on “fund your wallet”
  • Go to your bank mobile app and login
  • Tap or click on your menu and then select “ Transfers and withdrawals”
  • Select to other banks
  • Enter your OPay mobile phone number without including the first zero, example; instead of “08062371899” enter “806237199”
  • Select “PAYCOM”
  • Confirm the payment with your PIN and wait for funding.

What to Expect

  • Depending on how much you funded, you can fund as small as #200 or $1
  • Use money to order for ORide
  • Expect o make order from grocery stores around you.

Must I Register for OPay Agent with My BVN?

Yes, you must register for OPAY with your BVN, this is to confirm your account and make payment anytime you are due for that.

How do I Make Print-Out Receipt for OPay Customers?

Once you register and were successfully taken to be an OPay agent, you will be invited to a whatapp group. On that platform, you will learn how to operate as an agent fully.

Hope you learnt a lot from this OPay agent registration guide, now, if you have any confusing questions, you can ask with the comment box below.






    • I got a call from Mosunmola bello, she said she’s an OPay agent from Lago, she gave me a form on WhatsApp to fill and requested for my bvn. I just want to confirm if really she works with OPay. Because I can’t risk it. If she really is, I’ll call her back as soon as I get a confirmation from you. Thanks

  1. I got a call from Mosunmola bello, she said she’s an OPay agent from Lago, she gave me a form on WhatsApp to fill and requested for my bvn. I just want to confirm if really she works with OPay. Because I can’t risk it. If she really is, I’ll call her back as soon as I get a confirmation from you. Thanks

  2. Good day, please I want to change my phone number on Opay. I registered as an agent since last year and I was sick meanwhile have lost the Glo line that I used to registered, please assist me on how to change the line.
    Thank you.

  3. I met all the requirements needed to get my POS machine, but when I applied it will be rejected Up to six days now still rejected

      • I want to request for opay pos marching, I have downloaded the opay , and in the process of my registration, the system is rejecting my registration, it says, YOUR SURNAME IS WRONG, but that is the surname I used in registration of my bvn, please what do I do? I need a pos marching

        My surname is Agbaje

        My middle name is Olufemi
        My other name is Ibrahim

  4. Hello ,I want the form to apply as an opay agent.please send a contact I can chat with on WhatsApp. I’ll appreciate your response. Also My emails have not been verified on the opay app, I even created two new emails but still dint get verified and it says my first name isn’t correct everytime I want to upgrade to kyc2.

    • Anyone applying for opay pos should call +2349066503886, do not call any other number anyone on this page will send to you, also, do not chat anyone on WhatsApp, Opay will never ask you to do that, beware of Scammers….

  5. I am into POS business and I need an Opay machine.
    Pls how do I go about it? Do opay have any office around Nasarawa state? I need it as soon as possible

    • 20k is all you need to pay and please avoid the online means of payment for now you can pay in any of our branches Kindly contact 09066503886 for more guide.

  6. Complement, please have been trying to apply as Opay agent, but rejecting my application. Saying my first name is not correct and that was the name I used to registered my BVN. Please have been trying this more than two month now. Please I need an assistant to support me and to enlighten me more.
    Thanks for your usual cooperation.

  7. I do have an OT pin problem. On the BVN verification page my O-kash app still has the old phone number I recently changed. I have been able to confirm the number on the BVN platform. What can be done?

  8. Please how can i get your pos i need to one of your agent i base in oyigbo rivers state here is my contact 07068053093

  9. Please I need opay pos machine to start pos business, and i don’t have Nepa bill for registration, which other utility bill can I use

    • A utility bill is a detailed invoice, issued and paid once a month from utilities, including electric, natural gas, water, and waste. Utility bills

  10. I opened my OPay tho I’ve not funded it but I want to upgrade it and put in my Bvn and other needed things and it’s telling me first nAme has symbol error for the past 3 days I’ve opened it

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