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Postgraduate scholarship at Ghent university is a scholarship program for developing countries. It is a full grant to study abroad and international students can now apply as the scholarship application form is already unveiled. Click the “Apply” demo now.

Scholarship created by Ghent university is an international scholarship to study in Belgium by international students. Moreover, Ghent university is one of the top 100 best universities in Belgium. This university offers more than 200 courses to both local and international students. To apply means that you are ready to study in Belgium.

To that effect, you must adhere to the scholarship prerequisites so that you can enjoy the low-cost living and immense safety projected to international students and the beneficiaries. In that case, be ready to enjoy full tuition fee waiver and other added benefits that comes with being one of the beneficiaries of the scholarship. So, who’s ready to get started?.

In as much as you intend to attain a postdoctoral degree certificate, you must meet up with all the requirements situated for international students. Interestingly, these requirements are criteria that you can actually provide without hassle. So, if you will agree with me, proceed with the application procedure already created for international students that would love to enjoy the postgraduate scholarship at Ghent university.

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Host Institution

It might interest you to know where you will take your academic training and completely pursue intensive lessons for your life career when you finally apply for the postgraduate scholarship at Ghent university. The fact is that all the students will kick start their program at Ghent university. If you applied and later got selected, your Doctoral degree program will take place at Ghent university.

Qualified Courses

Major courses that can be accessed by international students are all the postgraduate course available in the university. Ghent university offers all postgraduate coursework. So, international students that were successfully enrolled will take part in the subject prior to the ones they enjoyed in their postgraduate level.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria situated for all the students that would love to enjoy this fully funded scholarship is unveiled below. Explore the section so as to obtain clarified and verified information on all the qualification criteria for interested applicants.

  • For you to apply for the Doctoral degree program, you must have finished your undergraduate and Masters degree training in any recognized university of the world.
  • Any course prior to the ones eligible in the scholarship must be the scholarship you undertook during your previous academic levels.
  • If you must know, only postgraduate level is assured of being certified to eligible students.
  • Without being said, students from developed countries that applied for this scholarship and later become enlisted will study in Belgium.
  • Application is applied through email. Do you have email?
  • Moreover, application must be applied before 4th February 2021 if you really want to win consideration after application.
  • Females are more encouraged to apply because the selection is highly prioritized when it comes to them. Meanwhile, males can still apply.

Have you see the eligibility criteria? If no, see the instructions above, but if yes, head onto the application portal shown below.

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Application Requirements

Check out few materials to get ready before applying for this Ghent university scholarship 2021. We intend to help you attain a successful application. Due to that, all applicants must provide;

  1. Previous academic transcripts.
  2. CV.
  3. Publications.
  4. Joint research proposal.
  5. National ID proving that you are from a developing country.

Afterwards, apply for the postgraduate scholarship at Ghent university to enjoy all the fully funded opportunity and benefits setup for international students that are ready to enjoy the free scholarship opportunity into Belgium.

Postgraduate Scholarship at Ghent University

The postgraduate scholarship at Ghent university comes with immense benefits and award which consists;

  • Free accommodation.
  • 100% tuition fee waiver.
  • 310 euro per month as a monthly stipend.
  • Grant of 3000 euro as a travel budget.

Head onto your internet web browser or, if you are already on the browser, head onto a new tab and search, download the application form and fill it. Complete the application form with other additional documents that serves as supplementary documents, attach them to your application form and submit it at

Hope this information helped you? Simply use the comment box below to make inquiries or add contributions if you have any.

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