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It is time to study Business with the postgraduate scholarship at University of Copenhagen. Students studying Business field but Statistics precisely are sole beneficiaries of the grants created in this scholarship. Look at the requirements and how to apply so that you can apply and legally leverage this grant.

Postgraduate scholarship at university of Copenhagen is an amazing fully funded scholarship opportunity for aspirants of Ph.D studies in the field of Business. It is a fully free scholarship meaning that your tuition fee, accommodation, monthly stipend, health insurance, business study books and other costs will be fully taken care of by international applicants that were later enlisted. For you to be eligible for this scholarship, you must adhere to all stated eligibility criteria.

That said, you must provide all the documents that must be attached to the application form. If you don’t have the documents, it means that you are missing a lot and cannot be considered after application is submitted. In that case, apply for the postgraduate scholarship at University of Copenhagen so as to receive a Doctoral degree in Business. For this application to be effective, Business course must be same course prior to your undergraduate and Master’s level.

Above all, there are few things that you might love to prepare for the scholarship. The list is shown below but we wish to make you understand that any student that intends to be an applicant must be English competent. To that effect, you must provide an English proficiency test that will prove your English competence. More to that, discover other things that you need to know.

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Eligible Subjects

The eligible subject is Statistics. This is the course accessible by all the international students that intends to attain Doctoral certification with this scholarship program. So, if you are into Business but not in the field of statistics, then you should deviate from applying the scholarship at all. Your application will turn out to be ineffective when it is ineligible or not prior to the scholarship terms.

Qualified Academic Level

We wish to let you know that the only level of study that is acceptable and can be fully given to students is the Doctoral degree. That said, when you are qualified and then later apply for the scholarship, you will be certified with Doctoral degree certificate in the field of Business. Hope you understand? More to that, let it occur to you that this field of study is what you must have undergone in your previous academic level. On the other hand, Master’s degree certificate is the least certificate to demonstrate.

Qualified Constituencies

All the countries of the world are eligible to apply this program. That said, you can apply the postgraduate scholarship at University of Copenhagen at a speed of light when you master all the procedures for applying this scholarship. In that case, review how to apply postgraduate scholarship at University of Copenhagen.

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Postgraduate Scholarship at University of Copenhagen

The postgraduate scholarship at University of Copenhagen is an innovative program for all the students that currently finished their Master’s program in the field of Business. If this stated criteria is related to your condition, then you should apply this scholarship after you have provided;

  • Your English proficiency test.
  • CV.
  • Proof of academic intelligence. That is, your previous academic records.
  • More to that, National ID is inclusive.
  • Papers and publications
  • Evidence of Work experience
  • Admission offer.

That said, only students that are admitted into the institution can commence the scholarship application. Therefore, meet with the scholarship requirements, check and provide all the supporting documents, head onto to apply for the scholarship online. Remember that all these stated documents must be scanned and uploaded alongside the application form which must be submitted once.

Hope you got answers to your questions? If no, proceed with the more inquiries by mentioning them in the comment box below.

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