Postgraduate Scholarship in Law at Maastricht University

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Postgraduate scholarship in law at Maastricht university application will take place on this page because the application is open for international students that wants to further their human rights law, migration law, and European law.

Another opportunity is here for international students. Have you finished your Masters in law? International students that are interested in studying law and also studied law in their previous academic levels are hereby called to apply this postgraduate scholarship in law at Maastricht university. Your English fluency must be fluent enough to win application consideration.

Meanwhile, there are other terms and conditions that applicants are obliged to adhere to and they are all expressed on this page so that applicants will have idea of them before application commence. On the other hand, academic potential students that wish to apply must be from law faculty and aspirants of postgraduate program.

When your interest align with the mentioned, proceed with the postgraduate scholarship in law at Maastricht University application because all Constituencies are eligible for application. Interestingly, proof of previous degrees obtain from a recognized university will be demanded to serve as evidence of your qualification for this PhD program.

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Who Can Apply?

Knowing candidates that are qualified for this scholarship scheme will help you to know how eligible you are for this postgraduate scholarship at Maastricht university. Apart from the fact that course identified here is only Law and it’s related, students must

  • Be fluent in English in all ramification.More to that, you must be interested in studying abroad.
  • Also, you must have proof of degree levels covered in the last year.
  • That said, your Bachelor’s degree and Masters degree must be present. Add them to your application form to validate the application.
  • Additionally, government issued ID will be present to serve as proof of nationality.If you must know, your degrees must be obtained from recognized university of the world before you will be certified PhD with this scholarship.

Therefore, entrants should adhere to all above mentioned instructions. As they are already mentioned here, they are at your exposal. Always feel free to come back here for inquiries.

Level of Study Available

Only last stage of studies is attained here. Obtain a PhD in the field of law using the fund disbursed here among intelligent and selected law students. Since you are ready to start your postgraduate studies at Maastricht university, their postgraduate support fund will see you through.

Eligible Subjects

Only Law students are free to come forward and finish their third degree with the support of this scholarship. Should in case you are planning to apply with another course in mind, please take the exit door because other courses are not supported here.

Due Date of Application

March 10th, 2021 is the given deadline for students that intend to apply postgraduate scholarship in law at Maastricht university. Ensure that you have provided all the application materials and fully fill your application before the deadline. The truth is that application submitted later than the due date is not eligible to undergo the evaluation process.

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Postgraduate Scholarship in Law at Maastricht University

We have come to the point of where all hands will be on deck. It is mandatory that foreign students intending to attain a PhD program with this scholarship must be candidates of law faculty. Apart from that, kickstart your own application evaluation by submitting application of this ongoing postdoctoral program at

Interestingly, selected students will have their studies covered throughout their postgraduate degree until the duration elapses. The only way to retain your award is by giving satisfactory results at the end of each semester. Most importantly, ensure that all required documents were attached as prompted.

Should in case you are still confused on how to apply this postgraduate scholarship in law at Maastricht university, relate your challenges to us in the comment box below.

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