Prime Minister Scholarship for Indian Students

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Prime Minister scholarship for Indian students is an award program that has prevailed a thousand to ten thousand different scholarship schemes offered by India to Indians. Ordinarily, international students contemplate how to enter India through this scholarship but this is an invalid idea if you are among that category. Do you know why?

Prime Minister Scholarship for Indian students is the Prime Minister Narendra Modi scholarship carved out for the sake of Indian students only!. The scholarship grant partners with Indian undergraduate aspiring candidates to grab a peaceful and funded scholarship throughout their study duration. These scholarship contenders are retained in a higher institution with up to 2,500 Rupee for girls and 2,000 Rupee for boys.

However, you are verily assured of being a beneficiary when your career pursuit is among the recognized discipline by the scholarship. Meanwhile, the acceptable courses are not far-fetched because it concentrated more on Information Technology, Engineering, and Medicine.

Besides, they are the only courses available for Bachelor’s certification for Indians. So, international students intending to approach and explore India through an educational opportunity which is definitely the Prime Minister scholarship for Indian students are highly discouraged.

In that sense, review how to apply Prime Minister scholarship for Indian students, when and where to apply it, because when you are not certain, clarified or in affirmation of these whole processes, you will still experience the inability to shoot your shot. Strictly adhere to all given instructions so that you will receive positive results. In addition to that, let it be in your occurrence that, other levels of study are not accessible.

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Academic Cycle in Recognition

All Indians will gain limited access to most of the recognized and concealed Universities in India to just receive official and standardized training in this coursework; Engineering, Medicine, and Information Technology. As they are into the pursuit, all of them have this like-minded interest in receiving an Undergraduate degree with the program, it is a guarantee for beneficiaries. That said, only undergraduate program can be accessed with Prime Minister Scholarship for Indian Students.

The 3 Available Discipline

Enjoy your scholarship program when your undergraduate aim directs to either of these two eligible faculties which are:

  • The Engineering coursework
  • Medicine and
  • Information Technology

You can only receive your degree from any of these three programs because they are relatively free with Prime Minister scholarship for Indian students to study in any of the prevailing Indian universities.

Scholarship Benefits

Assurance of enjoying 2,500 rupees if you are a girl or just 2,000 rupees for males are the benefits assured to the beneficiaries. This grant will often be given out until their duration, which won’t exceed 4 years is finally completed. So, are you ready to win this competitive scholarship? Do you actually know that this grant prevailed most scholarships in India?

Supplementary to Submit with Application Form

Behold most of the scholarship documents mandated every applicant to submit with the scholarship application form. These documents support the application form in confirming that the owner of the application is really a worthy entrant. When an application form is submitted without it’s supporting documents, the application attracts inconsideration, and when all supporting documents are submitted without an application, it is wholly worthless. Therefore, apply all of them as they work hand in hand.

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List of the Documents

Prime Minister scholarship for Indian students requires all Indians targeting to support themselves with this amazing scholarship to apply with these mentioned documents below:

  • Transcript of your previous academic position.
  • High School Diploma signed by your Principal or Head of Institute to prove it’s authenticity.
  • Aadhar Students ID registered to your bank account
  • Account Pass Book with your Account details illustrated on the First page
  • Annexure 1, 2, and 3 which must be downloaded and uploaded by an applicant during application.

How to Download Annexure

Support your scholarship application with this additional document called the annexure. Prime Minister scholarship has three stages of Annexure that must be downloaded, scanned and uploaded to their application.

  • So Download Annexure 1 when you click –
  • Click on Download to get Annexure 2 at
  • Annexure 3 is gotten from this link – Download them and get them ready for application.

Prime Minister Scholarship for Indian Students | Download Application Form

  • Open a functioning web browser so that you can visit
  • Click “PMSS” so that you can locate the “New Application” icon and click.
  • Go to “Apply Online”
  • Here is the application form. Provide all the details appropriately and responsibly
  • Submit your application form after recognizing all the page-prompts accordingly.

Congratulations because you are now among the students that will be put into consideration while the next set of beneficiaries are being selected. Don’t forget to rate this guide using the comment box below.

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