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This is your trusted travel blog, we will be showing you a brief things about the contents we share to you and also our privacy policy. Your privacy is relevant to us and that is why we have developed this policy so that you will learn how we gather, utilize and make use of some personal information.

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First: Use of cookies; you may see a pop-up notification on our site revealing to you to accept cookies, meanwhile cookies are small text documents that a website leaves on the visitors personal computers. uses cookies to note our visitors computer, so as to bring to the user what he or she likely wants. Moreover, our visitors have the right to either reject or accept the cookie option, but once our cookies option is being accepted, we can be able to leave some files behind in the users hard drive which will be specifically preserved.


You will also see on visavit site a comment box, moreover every of our visitor have the right to leave a comment with a valid email, such comment together with the Email address will be checked in order to ensure it doesn’t go against our policy and terms of use. If such comment works against our policy we may discard it immediately.

IP Address uses your IP address to keep track of what you search for, this is to always supply to you such data that may interest you. Moreover an IP address are simply a series of code, number or addressed which your computer operates with.

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Our articles may contain links which may be relevant to you. Moreover, we uses external links to connect you to another website which may have a similar response to what you are looking for. However, may not guarantee at 100 percent the information in that third party website and so may not be held responsible should the contents be misleading or termed very risky.

Intellectual Property Right

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This site will not be called at any time to give assurance or proof accuracy of content published on this site or the linked sites. Therefore, please note that all contents in this site are written without any ulterior motive. Therefore, we will not be held responsible for any damages, that you may experience as a result of following or applying any guide displayed on this site.

Change of Policy

Our policy is open for correction and modifications, but be assured that you will be notified at anytime,we make changes to our policy. More so, data, files and information which you leave on will not be used for any personal gain.