Qualified Countries for DV Green Card – DV Lottery Visa

Here are the list of qualified countries for DV green card, if your country is in the list below then you are qualified to apply for the Diversity visa lottery program: Qatar, Ghana, Chad, Cameroon, Morocco, Europe, United Arab Emirates, Botswana, Indonesia, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom (Northan Ireland) etc.

The Diversity visa or simply put, the green card lottery is a program from the department of immigration U.S with collaboration of US government to enhance the travelling capacity of some countries. Year after year, the U.S government tries to increase their immigrants’ population by using a means called the Diversity Visa.

The immigration department of the United States however, sought out countries that doesn’t not have much rate of travelling into the US and sponsor them to travel into the country to work, school, invest etc.

However, there are qualified countries for dv green card otherwise known as the US green card eligible countries.

DV Lottery Eligible Countries

In order to achieve the objective of the U.S immigration department, alongside the government’s a method was selected to determine the eligibility of those who will be granted a DV visa. The method chosen was to choose some countries whose immigration power into the United States are few.

There are so many countries whose individuals or citizens troops into the United States every year, for business, schooling, health, journalism, etc. These countries are counted off this privilege. Moreover, the qualified countries however are counted via this method.

So, this is why you will see countries that is developed already like Britain, Europe etc., being among the list of countries that can apply for a DV visa.

That said, we will still show you the Qualified Countries for DV Green Card this year and then who can apply and how to apply, however if you want migrate with your family permanently into the U.S this is an opportunity to do so.

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Am from Ineligible Country, Can I Still Apply?

Yes! If you found your country in the lit below which makes you temporally ineligible, you can still apply if:

  1. You are married to someone who is from an eligible countries, however, you must provide a valid marriage certificate between you and your spouse. So, you will be applying using the immunity of your spouse.
  2. If any of your parent is from an eligible country. For instance if your mother or Father is from ineligible country and one of them is from country which is eligible, you can apply using the immunity of the parent from the eligible country.
  3. If you birth a child who is up to 21 years old and he Is a citizen of the United State.

Qualified Countries for DV Green Card

Note: You are not qualified to apply for the ongoing DV lottery if you are from any of these countries:

Canada, Bangladesh, Brazil, China (mainland only), Nigeria, Colombia, South Korea, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Philippines, India, Jamaica, Mexico and United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland).

Worthy to Note

If you are from: British Virgin Islands Anguilla, Bermuda, Pitcairn, Cayman Islands, Gibraltar, Montserrat, Falkland Islands, St. Helena, and Turks and Caicos Islands in UK you are not qualified to apply, but someone from Northern Ireland can apply.

More so someone who is given birth to in Macau SAR , Hong Kong SAR and Taiwan are also eligible to apply for the DV-2021 Lottery.

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DV Lottery Application Procedure

  • The US DV green card application is not done manually, therefore you are expected to ue the electronic medium proved to apply.

How to Apply for a DV Lottery Program

You have seen the qualified countries for the dv green card, if you are qualified to apply, then here is how to apply:

Step One

Open your browser and log on to the us green immigration department website online at

Take your eligibility test to ensure that your are qualified to apply

Step Two

Application is free, but you may need to drop just a token to the administrative in charge of DV lottery.

You will be given a registration number and password of which you will use to access your account

Login into your account and fill up the form, also make sure that all field are properly filed with genuine details.

Step Three

Upload photos and all required documents

Click to submit your application now

Stay close to your email account and also online to know when the Immigration department U.S shortlists list of winners..

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How to Know if Am Successful for DV Lottery

  • The U.S government will notify you via the email you submitted during your application
  • Also you can find out about your application status all the time at U.S dv lottery application website or at the U.S visa application website.

Note: Application for the green card lottery is done electronically, in their website; no paper means of application will be accepted. More so, you are not expected to visit the U.S Embassy at your locality for the application, simply log on to the website shown above to submit your application.

Documents Needed

  • 2 New Passport sized photograph
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate (if you are using the immunity of your spouse)
  • Filled copy of the dv lottery application form
  • Your parent birth certificate (if you are using the immunity of your parent)
  • Your Childs birth certificate if you are applying with the immunity of your child.
  • If your parent who’s immunity you are using is dead, you must present the person’s death certificate.

Other documents needed will be commented to you as apply online.

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