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The new 2021 requirement for Canada study visa is here. All the requirements are mentioned here for both Indian, Quebec, and other countries that their students want study permit visas into Canada. You may also want to know Canada study visa processing time, all FAQ answers are here for you to read and stay informed.

2021 Canada study visa application is doubtlessly on the ground for students that are craving for Canada study visa from their various countries. Canada has a lot of top universities that both students and scholars would love to enroll and further their studies. All the courses are available depending on the university you enrolled.

So, when we talk about Canada study visa, you should always have in mind that there is a requirement for Canada study visa, in fact, there are requirements for Canada student visa that you might love to have at the center of your palm before you navigate to the application portal or VAC ( Visa Application Center ) in your country. As it is now, students from different countries of the world are eligible but what are the qualifications.

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Requirement for Canada Study Visa Permit

Above all you may be seeking, this should be your first research. When a student is able to provide all the requirements for Canada study visa the same student will overcome the processes and find his or her way into the country for any preferred course.

Whether you are on the search for Canada study visa application in Nigeria, Canada study visa September intake 2021, or Canada study visa refusal reapply, the below-mentioned requirements are the first things first.

  • You must not be a Canadian citizen.
  • Also, your academic qualifications or certificates must be ready.
  • On the other hand, an applicant must have received an enrollment letter from any of the Canadian universities. The admission letter will serve as a study permit.
  • On the other hand, is proof of English proficiency.
  • However, you should be financially stable to be considered for accommodation in Canada and also fund your studies unless you are under a scholarship that covers your travel visa.
  • Only students with no criminal records will be accommodated.
  • Be healthy and ensure that you process the covid 19 checkups.

In addition to that, documents required for Canada study visa from student applicants are shown below.

Documents Required for Canada Study Visa

Additionally, it is expected all the mentioned documents are scanned and attached to the application form before submission;

  1. You will be needing original international passport
  2. A certified medical report
  3. Proof of flight and hotel reservations.
  4. Your bank statement within the last 6 months. It can be yours or your guardians/parents’ own.
  5. Two recent passports of the applicants.
  6. Above all, Certificat d’acceptation du Quebec that is translated in English or French plus a statement from the translator and the certified copy of the original certificate are inclusive.
  7. Receipt of study permit payment.
  8. Proof of admission letter from a Canadian university.
  9. IELTS. TOEFL, or advanced Cambridge English will serve as proof of English proficiency from
  10. Non-English speaking foreign students.

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Canada Visa Processing Time

We can give you assurance of 72 hours Canada study visa once you meet the requirement for Canada study visa. You can indicate with the comment box below if interested. However, the student visa Canada fee is 150 Canadian Dollar (CAD).

How to Get Canada Study Visa

Once you are financially stable, met with the prerequisites, and received an acceptance letter from any of the Canadian universities you can apply for Canada student visa online or go to any Visa Acceptance Center. Applying online will demand you to create a CIC account here >>

Receive the tracking number and save it so that you can use it to track your application from the account you created online or at your home country’s VAC. Attend an interview at your local visa office if possible.

Hope everything was cleared. You can ask questions in the comment box below.

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