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Find more friends while you study in any of the countries patronizing students that are chosen by Rotary district in any country to startup a research program with Rotary peace scholarship for international students. You are also invited, yes you. Come over here to download rotary peace scholarship application.

If this scholarship is exempted, students that cannot personally fund their academic pursuit are hugely invited and welcomed in 7 different countries partnering with Rotary Peace Scholarship for international students. These fellows are good to go if they possess excellent English proficiency and on the other hand, completed an undergraduate program in their respective countries.

This is because, only students with an undergraduate degree which is the first level of this journey, is qualified for a Master’s study. Once you exhausted your undergraduate program and came out with a convincing result, Rotary Peace Scholarship will not obscure you from attaining your career program. However, it might interest you to know the countries that all selected applicants will foster their academics

Study Area:

There were 7 countries that were extracted for this scholarship purpose and also to contribute to the academic achievements of over 50 lucky students from diverse communities. You should also know that these selected countries for undertaking this program are places in which Rotary Center are located. Each of the countries has their separate and accredited university for accepting students. These countries are:

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    • Japan
    • Australia
    • Uganda
    • USA
    • Thailand
    • Sweden
    • Uk

Behold the countries selected for the accomplishment of this scholarship’s aims for students. So, international students with the inability of personal academic funding are urged to embark on the application of this recommended scholarship with soft selection criteria and eligibility demands.

Aimed Student Cycle

We are ready and promised to be fund-steady for students with a Bachelor’s Degree certificate that intends to attain a Masters Degree program away from home. They should know that the aforementioned countries are their study base and promised to return to their residence immediately after their studies. During the application, you will select and then indicate your dream country for the studies.In that essence, lets inform you on the university that is active with each country should in case you decide to choose according to universities.

  • In Japan: International Christian University
  • In Uganda: Makerere University
  • In the USA: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University
  • In Thailand: Chulalongkorn University
  • In Sweden: Uppsala University
  • In Uk: University of Bradford 

Application Due Date:

Interested applicants must apply May ending if they really want to be chosen. Your result is promised to be released immediately is July. Remember that your application form is meant to be submitted via the Rotary District branch in your country. It is now left for your country to decide on the requirements for submitting your application as it varies according to countries. They will also inform applicants on additional application material to provide alongside the application form.

General Application Material

These are the mandatory application documents to provide during the application. We wish to let you know about it.

  1. A current CV
  2. Proof of employment in course-related fields of at least 3 years
  3. Bachelor’s Degree Transcript
  4. Application form which is the primary document for any applicant
  5. Digital Passport

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Demands from International Applicants

  • Must be a citizen of any national aside these ones mentioned on this page
  • English proficiency test is also needed to prove your fluency in written and oral English.
  • Undergraduates are ineligible except from undergraduates that have finished their program with their first level certificate intact for the next level
  • 2nd Class pass is the expected minimum result record of prospective applicants
  • Apply with the main application form and submit to the respective rotary district before 31st May

Rotary Peace Scholarship for International Students

As application is currently closed, successfully applied students are getting their application form processed while other fellows that were unable to apply will commence theirs next season. Therefore, wait for 2021 application for the 2021 session.

Should in case you won’t be able to recall the exact date or season for the application, don’t hesitate to drop your contact here for notifications. Don’t worry, your details are secured and out of spam.


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