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Scholarship for orphans is a Japan, UK, and US-based scholarship for francophone, anglophone and lusophone Africans. Whoever will apply this scholarship must be an orphan. Either your mother, father or parents died. In the right sense, Ashinaga Africa Initiative scholarship is only for bereaved Africans.

Being an orphan cannot be an essential factor for not furthering your studies. As an African, you will now go for the profession that makes you happy and on the other hand, travel to the participating university for free. We feel glad informing you that free UK, Japan or US visa will be the bargain of this scholarship if only you apply for it. You will apply first so as to win consideration.

However, this is a no fee application meaning that nobody has the right to obtain any fund from you. You as well shouldn’t make the mistake of paying a dime to anybody. As a matter of fact, our scholarship is meant for students that have finished their secondary school and have their national diploma and school results still intact. In addition to that, students with academic potentials are the most needed because it’s really a competitive scholarship that only 20 students will be selected at last.

Above all, Africans are the sole candidates of this scholarship for orphans. In case you need this fully funded scholarship, ensure that your parent’s death certificate is still intact or you won’t be considered. We need proof of their death(s). More to that, all the required documents must be photocopied because any submitted document won’t be retracted. So, all Africans without this financial capability can now apply for this scholarship for African orphans. It’s a 100% paid scholarship.

Vision of Ashinaga Africa Initiative 

The basic aim of this powerful scholarship is to offer extensive enlightenment to students, especially orphans in Africa precisely. With this scholarship, they will conquer all civil trials and ignorance. They must be willing to return to their homeland so as to promote justice performances, independence and virtues among the beings in respective communities. Therefore, do not proceed in applying for this innovative scholarship for orphans if you are not from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Requirements from Applicants

Becoming an entrant is not a problem. Where we will deviate from attending to you is when a discovery of not being an African will be recorded. To halt any manner of disgrace, eviction or backoff, look at all you need to know:

  • You must be an African. Yes, you must be a student from selected African countries which are the Sub-Saharan. Either you are from an English speaking Africa, French speaking Africa, or Portuguese speaking country.
  • Your application must include death certificate of the parents or parent depending on your condition.
  • However, being unable to start an undergraduate program is never a problem. Since you have decided to further your education, Ashinaga Africa Initiative will make it a dream come true. Now, you will not just study to complete your degree but also choose from Japan, Uk or US universities.
  • Above all, note that this scholarship is a financial based scholarship but that doesn’t mean that dull or cowards will be selected. Resources cannot be wasted so only intellectually gifted students will be chosen so that they can display their talent and help in making the world a better place.
  • Since African countries are increasingly populating time after time, resources are becoming unequal with the population making the nation poorer. So, these selected students will become a part of investment because they won’t bother on funding for themselves.

Therefore, apply for scholarship for orphans so as to enjoy a free funded and 100% funded study in any of the participating UK, US or Japan universities.

Documents Required

Below are the documents that has been put into consideration. If you don’t have all of them, not virtually all, but all of them, you won’t be considered as an eligible claimant. So, take note of all these supplementary documents. Ensure that you apply and submit them alongside the fully completed application form.

  • Contact Address/Addresses: It can be an email address or phone number
  • Death certificate of the dead that will actually demonstrate you as the bereaved or orphan.
  • More to that, your African National ID will also be put in place as to portray your exact nationality.
  • In addition to that, your secondary school results and above all, your secondary school final certificate will not be taken for granted.
  • If you must know, a recent passport photograph is inclusively required.
  • The last but not the least is the application form.

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Eligible Countries:

All the Sub-Saharan countries can now inform their students on their eligibility. Not just Africans can apply this scholarship, but Sub-Saharan Africans. So, attest your country’s category before applying. In as much as you might come from anglophone, lusophone or francophone, you can still apply because all are considered.

Scholarship for Orphans

Here we are with the scholarship application form of the scholarship for orphans. After you have explored the website and confirm your eligibility, the next thing to do is to log onto This page will render help and then, the space to apply for the scholarship. On the other hand, a place to attach your documents will appear only for you to include all required documents to the portal. So, log onto Ashinaga Africa Initiative application portal to apply this scholarship for free.

Should in case you want to contribute to this content or want to make inquiries as regards when to apply this scholarship, use the comment box below for that.

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