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Have you gained a scholarship? this is your scholarship visa application guide. This guide covers a learning in student visa application guide, so after reading this post, you will come to learn how to apply for a Scholarship in line with student visa application.

Scholarship is a financial aid, in form of bursaries, grants, funds or fellowships issued to an individual or a set of people in other to acquire a self or group knowledge. There are two kinds of scholarships and they are: Fully funded or full time scholarship and Half or part time scholarship. Any of these opportunities avails the applicants the opportunity to enjoy a free or half paid program in the university.

A student visa application, therefore is an application expected to be done by any students scholarship beneficiary, this will covers both full time and part time. An individual who gained a scholarship to stud in any country, applies for this kind of visa. Remember, this visa, indicates the time r the year which the student is expected to evacuate the country.

Moreover, different countries has their students visa requirements, for instance China student visa requirements permits that applicants uses visa X2 to apply; if their schooling days in China will be above 180 days. Likewise U.S has their own special requirements.

Most Recent Student Scholarship With Visa Application Funding

  • Chevening Undergraduate Scholarship
  • University of Ghana Scholarship
  • Harvard University Scholarship
  • Australia Award Scholarship
  • A Nurse I Am undergraduate scholarship
  • University of Washington Scholarship

For your scholarship visa application, you will need to make sure, the school in which you are applying have approved your scholarship application and have also invited you for an interview.

Student Visa Application Based on Country 

  • U.S Student visa
  • China Student visa
  • Australian student visa
  • Visa for Ghanaian student in scholarship
  • Canadian student visa
  • Britain Student Visa
  • Student Visa India
  • Student Visa Nigeria
  • Student Visa South Africa
  • European student visa etc.

Student Visa Application 

The United State Immigration department offers three major categories of visa to applicants and they are:

  • JExchange Student Visa – Visa for participation in a high school or college exchange program
  • F-Student Visa – Visa to study English in any government approved University in The United States
  • M-Student – for training or non academic travel

The requirements governing any of the visa type is that the applicant applying for any of these kind of visa must have gained the scholarship from the individual, organization, Government, NGOs and others. Meanwhile, while applying you are to indicate the category your are applying with.

General Requirements for a Student Visa Application 

  • applicants must have gained scholarship to study in the said country.
  • U.S students visa applicants must follow any of the listed categories to apply responsively.
  • for China scholarship application, use X2 or X3 depending on the duration of your program.
  • your visa application should start once you gain your scholarship.
  • find out if your sponsors will guide you through your application.
  • study carefully and abide by all instructions pertaining a student visa requirement for any country.

Supporting Documents

  • A printed copy of your admission letter
  • a printed copy of your scholarship approval
  • recent passport photograph
  • a valid international passport
  • printed copy of your scholarship visa application form
  • a filled and printed copy of your admission letter
  • a recent health certificate.
  • school transcript if you are a postgraduate applicants.
  • Other documents.

Passport Photograph Analysis for Scholarship Visa Application 

  • your international passport must be valid
  • your recent passport photograph should show all tribal or facial contents
  • HD photos with excessive beautification is not needed.
  • passport should show your forehead, jaw line, eyes, ear and nose clearly.
  • passport should indicate the persons individual look.


While applying for visa, you are to make sure you read up all the requirements as indicated in the website, also follow up your application with all the necessary documents. Make sure you created all account using your own personal email account.


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