Sheffield University Scholarship Application | Application Form is Out

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See how the Sheffield university scholarship application procedures so that you will stand the chance of being one of our beneficiaries. Before that, here are the application requirements that all the students must cover in order to enjoy the scholarship made available.

Students are always confused when it comes to being able to indicate developing and developed countries. Developing countries are those constituencies with low-income records. All African countries are developing countries including some other regions. However, this is shown for you to gain close information of eligible countries for this scholarship.

To get it all done and dusted, applicants are expected to heed to all application instructions and read details just as it has been situated to their exposition. In other words, Sheffield university postgraduate scholarship is an international aid to all financially unfortunate scholars from diverse locality.

So, we are so sure of your intentions regarding achieving life goals through your academic training. This research program will contribute a lot to your intellectual, psychological, and physical development. Learn our comprehensive guidelines for Sheffield university scholarship application for international students.

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Sheffield University Scholarship Application Requirements

To consider yourself for this scholarship, these are the Sheffield university scholarship application requirements that made up a qualified applicant

  • First and foremost, any applicant heading on to the application portal must have been admitted into this higher institution.
  • Your admission must be directed to your specialized field of studies
  • However, internal applicants are not accepted. That is to say, all the applications coming from UK directions will not be included in the consideration list
  • Moreover, this UK Scholarship opportunity is for postgraduate participants, Masters program precisely
  • All international aspirants must be aiming for only Masters Studies, not Doctoral Degree.
  • Having your transcript intact is the only prestigious document that can offer this scholarship.
  • An application becomes effective with supplementary scholarship materials

Scholarship Required Documents

All graduates intending to accomplish this postgraduate scholarship opportunity should take note of these Sheffield university scholarship application procedures as they await for date of application:

  1. You shouldn’t apply more than once. Multiple application is neutralized with an immediate eviction.
  2. Take note of that. Do not intend or attempt to apply twice or multiple times.
  3. Then, any of these about to be mentioned documents must be electronically scanned and submitted in pdf file format

So, In addition to the already known, these are the required document from any graduate wishing for postgraduate studies in UK.

  • A recently reviewed CV with your places of work in course-related fields is clearly stated.
  • Passport Photograph
  • Proof of work experience at related field of studies
  • Your Proof of Identity, i.e your National ID
  • Transcript of your Undergraduate Pursuit

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Participating University

Do you know the exact University that each and every one of the students will undertake their preferred course program? It is at Sheffield University. After completing the Sheffield university scholarship application requirements, they will undergo real-life training towards achieving their life goals as education is a scheme that pays off throughout life.

Sheffield University Scholarship Application

There are available Sheffield postgraduate courses taken by beneficiaries of this scholarship. In the same view of this scholarship opportunity, students are promised the well-accessibility of the same program just as other co-students of this same higher institution.

But you shouldn’t exceed 34 years while planning on taking on this Sheffield university postgraduate scholarship. A full-time postgraduate program that covered student’s tuition fees, accommodation, living costs, monthly stipend, and other economic and financial related difficulties.

However, you must agree to complete your program through full-time preparation. But for now, the application is closed but will re-open for the next academic session. So, you can show your interest by instructing for a notification using the comment box below.


  1. I am highly interested in the scholarship to at the university of Sheffield.

    I got my bachelor’s degree in Business administration with a concentration in Human resources management and I wish to pursue my master degree in the same field.

    • Sheffield University Scholarship Application | Application Form is Out

      Please kindly review all the requirements above and apply using the format on that page,if you experience any challenge, you can let us know about it.

      To apply for Sheffield University Scholarship is very easy, all you need to know is that once you met the requirements then you will not have any issue.

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