1. I just sent you a message about a problem I’m having logging in I get a message saying my email address is not valid … but it is the only 1 I’ve had & used for years so I shouldn’t have any trouble logging in & until a few day’s ago you accepted the same email so why is it not accepted now ? I live in Christchurch City New Zealand & My Correct Email Address Is [email protected]

    • Susan, we appologise for the incoveninces we may have caused you, but first, you must know that this is not the official website of twoo online dating website but an information blog. However, we can suggest one two things that can help resolve whatever problem you are having now.
      Twoo Login Issues
      If you are having any problem signing into twoo dating, you can check to be sure your login details are correct, also find out if someone else has gained access to your email and with that is accessing your data with.
      However, this is what you should do, request for a change of password and change your password, when that is done, login to your account and change your email address.
      Reasons why your Email is not valid
      The email account provider may have changed the server or not rendering a mailing service.
      the email account is not valid as a result of haven not been used for a long time.

  2. have tried all my effort to open this site but it is still not working how can i do that thanks for your usual services

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