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You are very lucky to learn how to study in Hungary with Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship. This idea will assist you to study in Hungary having all your academic and living costs covered by professionals and people above your financial level. You will enjoy your stay in Hungary. Just apply.

Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship for undergraduates funded by Tempus Public Foundation is receiving international students for all level of study and for all designated fields of study available in the affiliated universities. I don’t think you would love this powerful opportunity to study in Hungary with a Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship. The application is for free!

Foreign students that are not re-applying Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship for undergraduates and also, international students that are so sure of studying as full-time students are the most considered international students that can access this opportunity without hindrances. More to that, it might interest you to know, that this scholarship scheme operates on One-tier Master’s, then Master’s Bachelor’s and Post Doctoral certification.

So, you won’t ordinarily say that the available field of study is your hindering factor for not applying Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship for international students. In addition to that, it is a 100% funded scholarship that will even take care of your health. That said, you will be medically insured and that is really a nice one and so rare. Other benefits consist of tuition fee, monthly stipend and so on and so forth.

Therefore, if you aim so much to study in Hungary through a predefined scholarship scheme and awardees, then Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship is a popular and and co-operating scholarship award that you can academically confide in. It is available for all the international students apart from Hungarian citizens and foreign students that are not first timers when it comes to application.

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How to Study in Hungary with Hungaricum Stipendum Scholarship

Its is generally for international students and also managed by Tempus Public Foundation. Basically, full time scholarship is the core study type in the priority list, but if there should be any reason for you to not study as a full-timer but a part-time student, then ensure that you are from the underlisted constituencies. If you are not related to any of these countries mentioned, then you cannot access the part-time study:

  • Syrian Arab Republic
  • Kingdom of Cambodia
  • Republic of Belarus
  • Georgia
  • Hudec
  • Republic of Union of Myanmar
  • Socialist Republic of Vietnam
  • Islamic Republic of Iran
  • Republic of Albania
  • Lao Democratic Republic
  • United Mexican States
  • Republic of Turkey
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Republic of India
  • Labanese Republic

Fortunately, these are the only eligible countries for part-time study in Hungary through the well-known scholarship called the Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship. If you are not a citizen of any of the aforementioned countries, then you are not eligible for applying as a part-timer.

Host Institution

Study in any prominent or recognized university in Hungary which is currently partnering with the scholarship management in offering you, a well-refined scholarship opportunity and academic experience for all the new international students. Grab our application form now to study in Hungary.

Deadline for the Scholarship

Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship for international students takes place annually and during the application process, January is always the deadline for application. If your scholarship application form and its credentials are applied later than the due date, it will become inconsiderate.

Non-Qualification Criteria

  • Students without the transcript of academic levels attended. Since this scholarship recognizes all the levels of study pertained to higher institutions, applicants intending for a next level must prove the completion of the last attained level.
  • More to that, international applicants that has applied Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship once in a lifetime cannot apply again. This is a one-time application. Apply today and become ineligible to apply tomorrow.
  • When your preferred coursework is not available in the collaborating university, then you are not qualified for the award.
  • In addition to that, you will not apply directly, rather, your application will pass through the authority of the sending partner nominated in your country. So, visit the application website to discover your country’s sending partner or click here to move in immediately.

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How to Apply

Our scholarship is not only for undergraduates but also for other existing discipline phases of higher education in universities. After you have decided to apply for Hungaricum Stipendum scholarship, head on to to choose your programme, country and other related details so as to complete the application form.

Check out the application documents that you must attach to the application form to improve it’s validity. What’s next? Relax! You will be notified of your progress or failure through the contact address you provided.

Benefits of the Scholarship

Generally, international students recommend this scholarship for themselves having in mind that they are going to enjoy these mentioned privileges as students. These benefits are; a monthly stipend, tuition fee, living cost, a dormitory for accommodation and then fund for paying house fee, free health care services e.t.c.

So, if you are ready to study in such a great country that is also among the tourist hub, go to the website shown above for application. You can now communicate your application challenges with us in the comment box below.

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