Switzerland Visa Requirements for Singapore Citizens

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Hold these Switzerland visa requirements for Singapore citizens if you are a permanent resident of Singapore that wants to enter Switzerland for the purpose of business. These are the samples of documents that you must get ready for business travel to Switzerland.

Switzerland Business travel visa is a visa that permits 90 days stay in Switzerland. For every 180 days in calendar, you will only stay for 90 days in Switzerland. That is to say, if you are on Switzerland and your ninety days elapses, you will go back to your hometown to stay another ninety days before applying for the visa again. Leaving for a brief moment won’t count. The traveller must be outside all Schengen territory for another ninety days before re-entering Switzerland again.

There are many appliction from Singapore citizens and without knowing the documents to get ready for the Switzerland visa application, it won’t be seen as eligible forms for a travel. Therefore, find out the list of Switzerland visa requirements for Singapore citizens if you are one of the citizens intending to enter the country.

You should be someone that is ready to leave his or her hometown before the visa issued expires. Also, be someone that can fund needs when traveled. More so, hold a passport that will be valid for extra six months beyond your return date. Nevertheless, start now to work on getting an onward and comeback flight tickets for Switzerland travel.

Switzerland Visa Requirements for Singapore Citizens

Filling and submitting the Switzerland business travel visa, Switzerland work visa, Switzerland tourist visa, or other permits application form is not complete until you get the visa requirements ready, attach the documents that serve as proof of what you are expected to provide.

  • Have a document that is showing proof of purpose of travel.
  • You must be holding all the travel documents.
  • Have a proof of sufficient finance showing how capable you can cater for your needs when you enter Switzerland.
  • A passport that will remain 6 months valid extra beyond the entry date with up to two blank stamp pages.
  • A document showing proof of accommodation.
  • Your birth certificate or marriage certificate; proof of your civil status.
  • Hold a document showing proof of citizenship.
  • Also, confirm with their airline that you can travel without visa because anything can happen.

If you are coming with your country, make sure that you can fund their stay, but you may relax about your bank statement if you have a sponsor. Only present the proof of sufficient money/funds of your guarantor during application.

Remember that you are expected to travel with your exact passport, not the copy of it. Switzerland visa will be stamped only on your original passport, not the copy of it.

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Apply for Swiss Visa for Singapore Citizens

The best time to apply for Swiss visa, apply Switzerland visa for Singapore citizens, or apply Switzerland visa for Uk citizens is one to two months before the date you plan to travel. However, if it is an emergency travel, you will have your visa processed in an Embassy discretion with extra fund. It will be processed on a faster service to reduce the processing time and have your visa issued to you quickly than normal.

Have your original passport during your travel, have your visa stamped on the passport before travel. That is after your application is approved. Due to the importance of your passport, we suggest you submit the application personally or by a secure route such as postal courier.

So, are you planning to travel to Switzerland but don’t know how to apply or know the requirements that you must get ready for the application, visavit has provided you with a guide on the requirements and the application portal. Go now and complete your travel application.

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