August 13, 2022
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Top 10 Most Populated Countries | 2021 Countries Population

This is the list of top 10 most populated countries based on reviews published by United Nations, the latest list of most populated countries. Some countries made it to top 10 while most countries went back. These effects are based on the immigration and mortality rate caused by Covid-19.

Coronavirus really shook the whole world and of course increased the rate of mortality in all the countries. It took maximum effect in European countries, Asian countries, and some other regions but African countries suffered less of it. In the light of that, the world population changed massively. Most countries added while others reduced. Did your country make it to the top 10 most populated countries this section? Let’s find out.

Top 10 Most Populated Countries

Without much ado, we have decided to countdown list of countries that are ranked due to high population. You need to trust this review because it is a product of population estimate publicized by United Nations and it is the only the most official, famous, and most trusted.

10.  Mexico

Mexico is a North American country from America region. It is the third largest country in North America and also the most populated, but 10th ranked in the whole world. It has an estimated population of 130,207,371. When it comes to Christianity, Mexico is a country with the third-largest christian population and also the only populated Spanish speaking country till now.

9.  Russia ( 142,320, 790 )

Russia is located in Northern Asia and Eastern Europe. However, do you know that apart from making it to the top 10 most populated countries that is the world largest country. Two-thirds of the population live in the European part of the country. Smaller part of the populations are Muslims and Russian Orthodox so we have both believers and non-believers. Estimated population is 142,320, 790.

8.  Bangladesh ( 164,098,818 )

You will find Bangladesh between India and Myanmat because it is located in the Ganges-Brahmaputra delta. The largeness covers half the size of UK. The only recognizable religion in Bangladesh is Islam and due to the country size, it is the most densely large country.

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7.  Brazil ( 213,445,417 )

With the estimated population figure as 213,445,417, it is the largest and most populated country in South America. You know that Mexico is the top country with highest Christian population while Brazil is the second in line. Brazil Christianity population is most dominated by Roman Catholics while other figures are for other churches. When you plan to travel to Brazil, get ready to speak or learn Brazilian Portuguese.

6.  Nigeria ( 219,463,862 )

Nigeria is an African country from a Western African sub region with the population of 219,463,862. It is also the most populous in Africa alone. The main ethnics are Hausa, Igbo ( Ibo ), Yoruba, and Fulani but the most populated ethnic group is Hausa. Nigeria has different christian denominations but over 50% is dominated by Muslims, rest are other religions. With the consistent high population rate, it is the 6th in the list.

5.  Pakistan ( 238,181,034 )

Pakistan is the second most populated Islamic country in the whole world and third most populated in Asian region. Pakistan is made up of Muslims mostly. Meanwhile, there are about 6 major ethnic groups in the country and they are all based in Islamic religion.

4.  Indonesia ( 275,122,131 )

Hey there! Have you gone to Indonesia before? Indonesia has population of 275,122,131. It is the most populated Islamic country. After Indonesia, Pakistan is the next. Being the most populous Islamic country in Asia, it is seen as the most populated sovereign state and also one of the top 10 most populated countries.

3.  United States ( 332,475,723 )

Who doesn’t know US? The most popular and developed country in the whole world. It is the country with world power. However, USA, occupies the North America in America region. With a population of 332,475,723, 65% are Christians but the most populous in America are California and New York. They also have foreign inhabitants plus foreigners that are now citizens by naturalization.

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2.  India

Bharat also known as India consists of tons of ethnic groups. Being the second populated country in the world, it recognizes about 20 different languages. They practice Hindu and due to that, ancient traditions are still in recognition. India has over 200 million inhabitants but not as much as China. 1,339,330,514 is the estimated population in the new ranking list of the top 10 most populated countries.

1.  China ( 1,397,897,720 )

Wow! China is still the most populated country in the universe. All these while, China remains the top populated country with 1,397,897,720. Middle Kingdom is the most populous and it is located in East Asia. How long will you stay shocked when I tell you that there are over 55 ethnic groups in China?.The ethnic groups are intense but the popular and also the largest are the Uyghurs.

At the look of the study, it has proved that Asia is the region with most populous countries. Is your country among the mentioned or is there a country you found amazing after exploring the list? Use the comment box below to make it known to us.

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