August 13, 2022
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Top China Visa Requirement | China Visa Application

If you have been looking for the china visa requirement, then you are at the right place. Have you ever imaged visiting china country on a vocation? Getting the china visa they say is one of the cheapest to purchase.

China is one of the most populated and beautiful country in the world, and over time they are developed in almost all the factors of technology. To apply for a China visa, you need to complete an application form attached with your recently-taken color photo, prepare a valid passport, and submit them along with other supporting documents to the Chinese embassy or consulate which is in charge of your residence area.

Top China Visa Requirement

Below are the china visa requirements before you can be eligible to apply for the visa.
By following the requirement here and getting them ready you can now apply for the china visa.

Top Basic Documents

  • Applicant’s Passport: Original passport with minimum six months of remaining validity and blank visa pages, and a photocopy of the passport’s data page and the photo page if it is separate.
  • Visa Application Form and Photo: You must present one completed Visa Application Form with a just recently-taken color passport photo.
  • Proof of residence status or legal stay.

    If you are not requesting for the visa in the country of your citizenship, then the Chinese immigration law demands that you make provision of your valid certificates or visa of stay, original and photocopy of residence, employment or student status,

    If you have gotten a Chinese visa before and maybe you want to apply for a Chinese visa again using a renewed foreign passport which do not have any China visa stamp, then you should present the photocopy of the past passport’s data page.

Supporting Documents

  • Invitation letters
  • Flight ticket booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Bank statement
  • Certificate of Registration
  • ¬†Physical examination record
  • National examination results
  • ¬†No criminal record (Police Character Certificate )
  • Letter of sponsorship and bank statement
  • Flight ticket booking

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