Travel Visa Application Guide

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A visa is a permit in form of paper, stamp, sticker given to an individual to enter into a country safely. In your visa application guide you will come to learn how to apply for a visa and also how to identify an approved visa.

Aforetime; agreement was reached and a format was designed to draft a method to be used to allow or reject someone form entering a territory or country. In general sense, this format is known as visa. Traditionally, before someone can travel into a country that is not his territory, the person must seek for a permission, be it governor, president or whoever, there must be an invitation or permit.

However, an application can be accepted or rejected depending on the criteria used in accessing the applicants. Worthy to note, all countries has criteria of accessing an individual who is applying to visit. This is listed in visa application requirements. Some countries wouldn’t even want a particular country to enter into theirs because of some reasons.

That said, this page, will buttress all that you need to know about, so call this post a visa travel application guide. However we may be showing all the things you need to know about applying for a visa.

Travel Visa Review

Visa is a Latin word which means a paper that has been seen, in travel sense, is an approved document of individual’s application to migrate. This can be in a paper form, stamp or signature in the passport

A consulate is served the right to either approve or reject a visa, pending the criteria, however once a visa is approved, then the applicant can lodge his or plan to move in. However, if a visa is denied, there may be the reason for that, but then the applicants can still reapply after meeting up with the requirements.

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There is what is called visa application requirements; all countries observe this and this varies from one country to another. The visa application requirements for the United State may not be the same with China, likewise a visa application requirements for India may not be the same for Canada, this varies but the end result is either an approval or rejection.

Types of Travel Visa

Visa is categorized based on so may things, lets see them below

A. Visa Categorized by Purpose

  • Transit visas

Transit visa is the kind of visa that allows one to pass through a particle country to another. This kind of visa is only applied for just a permit to pass from a country. Also, such visa has a short timer duration, for instance, for some countries it is between 1 hour to 4 hours, while some are in days, but like we said, this varies from countries

  • Visitors Visa

The short stay visa or visitors visa is also a short permit to stay in the said county for a number of days, months or years. The duration of this kind of visa is longer than that of a transit visa. Also note that, different countries has different mans of categorizing this kind of visa

Types of Visitors Visa

    • private visa or an invitation visa – when a relations residing in a country invite you into the country, this kind is what you apply for.
    • Tourist visa – visa for tourism, travel and short business activities
    • Holiday visa – vacations, honeymoon etc
    • Business visa – this serves only those who want to engage in a short commerce, start up a program etc
    • Health Visa – any health challenged person who is moving into a country for a medical attention can use this kind of visa
    • Refugee visa – government issues his kind f visa, to those who were exposed to any natural disaster, or fleeing their country as a result of war or danger
    • Pilgrimage visa– given to religious individual coming to make prayers or visit art of religious histories.

B. Long Duration Visa

A visa categorized in this wise are visa issued to individuals who are migrating into a country to stay for a long time.

Types of Long Stay or Long Duration Visa

    • Student visa
    • journalist visa
    • asylum visa
    • work visa
    • research visa
    • residence visa

Immigrants Visa

Spouse or partner – This is given to applicants who are migrating to stay with their spouse who perhaps is the residence of such country
Marriage visa – given to engaged couples who are applying to get married in the said country

Other Visa Categories can also include

  • Official Visa
  • Diplomatic visa
  • Courtesy visa.
  • on arrival visa etc.

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Travel Visa Application Guide

Visa application is very easy and simply, one can apply for a visa online or offline depending on the country. Moreover, a visa application steps differs from one country to the other, remember there is a visa requirement:

Step One

Log on to the immigration website of the country that you are applying and make sure it is the exact website. Once you are in, read word by word the requirements needed and make sure you are are eligible to apply

Step Two

Download the application form and fill appropriately or fill in your details on the form online and when you are done submit.

Step Three

Proceed to upload all the documents required as found from the requirements. Make sure all documents are clear and visible enough.

Step Four

Pay your visa application fee and upload the receipt for an approval.

Note: Visa application and approval varies from individual to another, you may apply for a visa now and get approved in he next day or even in the same day also, it’s possible it can take a month r even. So glue o your email to lay track of your application status.


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