August 13, 2022
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Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Application Requirements | Apply Now

Turkiye Burslari scholarship application requirements are stated here for international students that want to take any of their study levels in Turkey. This grant is available for any tertiary level and study field. Once you’re eligible and your choice corresponds, proceed to the application pag immediately because you are good to go.

Turkiye Burslari scholarship is a designed award for foreign Bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD aspirants that wish to have their studies taken in Turkey. In this scholarship, you are free to choose your place of study from the list of participating universities.

Notwithstanding your academic transcripts and how good your academic records were, you must be outspoken and good in English language. In addition to your English fluency skills, applicants are free and qualified to enroll for studies that correspond with their previous courses.

As much as you are ready for your next program, you must be open to study abroad as it will take place in Turkey. Therefore, apply for Turkiye Burslari scholarship after you have discovered the Turkiye Burslari scholarship application requirements. It is a zero fee application that you can complete online.

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Application Requirements

There are documents in demand for all submitted applications so that these application forms will become considerate. Alongside the completely filled application form, you must have the

  • Digital passport photograph.
  • Proof of English proficiency test.
  • Bachelor’s degree certificate for Master’s applicants.
  • Masters degree certificate for PhD applicants.
  • High school certificate for undergraduates.
  • Freshers will also need to know their choice of courses before applying for the grant.
  • Proof of the country you are applying from / nationality.

These are just the demanded documents. As we are now through with the listing, it will interest you to review the benefits of Turkiye Burslari scholarship.

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Benefits

To all aspirants and beneficiaries, these are the benefits of this Turkey government issued scholarship to International students.

  1. One time airflight ticket.
  2. Tuition fee waiver.
  3. Accommodation.
  4. Degree certificate.
  5. International friendship.
  6. Professional training in your own field.
  7. Free study.
  8. Free will to access either part time study or full time study.

We can go on and on mentioning the qualities this fully funded scholarship adds to beneficiaries but let’s review other items.

Place of Study

You are given the privilege to access tons of universities listed as participating universities under this wonderful award that pays off for a lifetime. Choose any of the prestigious Turkey universities.

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Turkiye Burslari Scholarship Application Requirements

Before you become eligible for this Turkiye Burslari scholarship, these are qualities that you must meet up with. All applicants are highly required to have these attributes.

  1. Applicants must be someone that has nothing to do with Turkey citizenship.
  2. On top of that, you must be academically talented, intelligent, and inclined enough for learning.
  3. Any study level is accepted.
  4. More so, the only field of study to apply for, must be recognizable by your choice of University.
  5. Notwithstanding, postgraduates must portray their transcripts and also enroll for a course correspondent to their previous degree.
  6. Also, English proficiency is not taken for granted.

These are just the requirements and when you are able to meet up with these demands, you are free to apply using the steps mentioned below.

How to Apply for Turkiye Burslari Scholarship

The scholarship application form will be linked here once the application starts. For now, the application is closed and nothing is accepted. Interested applicants are prompted to drop their contact address in the comment box below so that they will be notified immediately it starts.

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