1. am finding it difficult to chat, i cant chat no one views or like my picture, no messages what is wrong with it, am getting tired of this app

  2. Love means beauty and Power, And hatred means ugliness and weakness, So let us as Human make our life and our world more beautiful by love.

    الحبُّ جمالٌ وقوة ، والكرهُ والحقدُ بشاعةٌ وضعفٌ ، فلنجعل حياتنا وعالمنا كبشر أجملَ وأقوى بالحبّ.

  3. I like it actually I find countless guys but they went any good but I will keep looking fir the right one.
    Am only looking fir a man in Sydney to live me and care about me I am not asking for too much am I???

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