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UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans

Do you know that being an Orphan will not deprive you from living the kinda life you’ve been anticipating since lifetime? There are genuine grantees that has determined and are equally persistent in supporting all Orphans or bereaved through an undergraduate level. So, file up an official application on UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans.

This 2021, a handful of Sub-Saharan Orphans will be selected for starting up an undergraduate journey in any chosen UK university. In other words, this scholarship is funded by the Ashinaga Africa Initiatives. This Body has begun this team work just to change the face of the earth through a gradual process of nurturing and graduating new professional leaders of the most poorest country. These orphans with one parent or none will experience a quality life alongside study duration.

They will explore UK and learn new set of life and culture from a developed country. From there, advancement will be introduced to the candidates respective country. But the basic aim of each candidate is to change his/her life first so as to positively influence and affect the environment, from environment to state, and from state to country. Its a gradual process but we will finally reach there.

So, are you an orphan that dreams to transform your country and equally help other orphans around you or upcoming orphans?. This is the opportunity to do so. Explore our website to know more about UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans. See how to possess your possession with a simple online application. See how to find financial support by just demonstrating pertaining requirements and supporting documents. It doesn’t even require a credit card or another payment for the application. Implement the process as its being inculcated.

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UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans

Some have lost hope for 2020 academic learning due to an ongoing trauma around the world. But you can plan ahead with this UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans. The special grantees of this scholarship is the Ashinaga African Initiatives that ensures all students, precisely orphans from Sub-Saharan countries receive a life changing academic training in UK for 4 years.

Throughout these years or more, yearly funding will be administered and they will all cover your tuition fee, accommodation, feeding, living cost and other expenses for the year. So, it has fully covered all the expenses that needs to be made during an undergraduate program. Sponsorship for consecutive 4 years is not easy. So, that brings us to this juncture of you, a beneficiary maintaining a strong academic performance throughout the year unless you need to be left out.

Required Documents

To validate your scholarship, an application form comes with interest of demonstrating interest. But aside the scholarship application form, there are other documents that are mandatory for every applicant to submit. According to the submit instructions:

  • An applicant that needs to apply UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans must be an orphan with Death proof of parent’s death or Death Certificate; which is most simpler
  • Another document is a certificate for Age proof because above 25 years is ineligible. It can be your Birth Certificate or a certified National ID
  • More so, an applicant form is the top and primary document that every applicant must have. It issues you a selection eligibility
  • You must have an accessible contact address that will be involved when we intend to reach you or give an update. That you won this scholarship, will be publicized or made known to you through the Phone number or Email Address provided
  • The Essay of 500 maximum words that must be completed by each and every applicant. The topic of the letter will be shown hereafter
  • Applicant’s Secondary School Diploma / Secondary Final year result
  • Also role of academic records from secondary school attended will be needed.
  • A Recommendation Letter from applicant’s school Teacher or Principal
  • Then, the last but not the least is a recent Passport Photograph

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Recommended Essay

At the view of this scholarship, it proved that its a merit based scholarship. At this point, your writing skills are needed, same with your English Proficiency.

Students that wish to submit a soft copy of the essay will ensure that its written with a Black Ink. But Hard Copy must be printed with a normal, general font size. This essay must be demonstrated crystal clear with every idea illustrated clearly.

If you would mind, below are the Topic and Sub-Topic that every applicant must have in mind while writing this Essay. Remember that its a maximum of 500 words and must be written by you

  • We want you to literally how you lose your parents and how the death affected your life. What other difficulties has it brought into your life.
  • This Dream profession that you intend taking, how does it intend to change or affect your country positively and how will you introduce it during your journey of positively influencing your country after this degree must have been received.

Above are the headline to have in mind while writing this essay. They are the reasons to have in mind while writing this maximum 500 words essay. We wish you luck.

Application Notice:

You are already enthusiastic to proceed with this application but the minor obstacle now is that our application portal is currently open with so much traffic of incoming application. Download the UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans Application Form online at We’d love to keep you on lane by bring the updates as regards UK Full Scholarship in 2021 for Orphans .

So, drop your details so as not to miss any update that are passed across our international applicants. Should in case you still need to know more about our scholarship awards, use the comment box below to ask questions.


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