UK Visa Application Form – How to Apply for UK Visa

You will find on this page how to apply for UK visa using the UK visa application form. Travel becomes easy when you have all your travel documents ready. You can find more information about the various kinds of UK visa, like the work visa, study visa and all the visa application requirements on the UK immigration website at

Before you begin your application for a UK visa or any visa at all, you will first of all take note of your country’s eligibility, finding out if your country is allowed to apply makes you decide on what to do next, different countries have their own criteria of deciding who visits and who does not, for instance the Diversity visa lottery is not meant for every country, only countries with a low immigration rate can.

How Do I Know if I Am Eligible?

The UK visa requirement Is broken down for any applicants to read and comprehend, mind you, the traditional, family visa, study visa, tourist visa etc. have been compressed into a visa type known as “Standard Visa” So, While applying for any of this visa, you will need to apply through the standard visa application form. However, the UK visa application form explains all that you need to know during your application time.

Book your UK VISA Appointment via a visa application center in your country.


Consider the information below so as to know your application ground

  • Applicants who must be approved must proof that they will leave UK at the end of their visit time.
  • Must present also an evidence of the business you want to do or other activities you want to embark on which must be in line with the “Visitors Rule”
  • Applicants must pay all their fees including the return or onward journey fees and any other cost listed out.
  • a proof of your capability to support yourself until your time of departure

These are the basic thing the United Kingdom visa may want you to proof before you can be allowed to apply smoothly, although you will be seeing all these instructions as progress with your Visa application.

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UK study Visa Requirement

If you are applying to study at the UK with the standard visa application form, you can note that you are allowed to stay in the UK for a period of 12 months and this can only happen when you have proved that you are highly skilled with so much knowledge in a discipline. Moreover you still have to take note of the information and instructions given on your application form

UK Visa Application under Medical Condition

You will be granted a visa for this cause after you have proofed that:

  • You or the victim will leave the country after treatment
  • Applicant must proof that the victim has the medical condition that seriously needs a qualified doctor in the UK.
  • Applicant must also proof that he or she has the money to go through this treatment
  • The victim ailment must not be such that is deadly, infectious etc.

General Requirements

The requirement below covers application for any category of visa under the UK Standard visa application.

  • Completely filled UK visa application form
  • an international passport with a minimum one month validity
  • one recent passport photograph
  • Bank statement of account and a recent utility bill receipt
  • Applicant’s birth certificate sworn in court
  • Marriage certificate if the applicants is married
  • Doctors medical report if the person is applying for a medical visa

How to Apply for a UK Visa – UK Visa Application Form

There are four basic steps you can follow to apply successfully for a visa, among these steps are;

Step One: Decide on the Kind of Visa to Apply With

Your application starts with decoding which visa is right for you, remember, just like we said above, there are various kinds of short term visa under the standard visa and all visa explains it’s functions and goes with its requirements, for instance what you need to apply for a study visa may not be what you will need to apply for a medical visa, so decide which visa is right for you.

Step Two: Read and Ready Your Documents

Go through all the specific documents needed and make sure you provide all of them. Your travel documents must match with the visa you applied for.

Step Three: Start your application online

The UK visa or London visa application is online, so, start your application with the form shown to you, after your online application, you may want to do your biometric at the UK visa appointment center. Also pay your application fees

Step Four: Attend Your Interview

You are done registering, so proceed to go to the appointment venue for your interview. Mind you, your biometric will be taken there and other details, so let this not be   surprise to you. Always follow up your application by checking your mail often and on

How much is UK Application Fees?

uk visa application form image

The UK visa application fees varies from one country down to the kind of visa you are applying for. If you are applying from Australia and for a visit under the normal short term standard visa you will have to pay the sum of AUD 647, however this varies as different visa type and different countries have their own visa fee, visit the uk visa application website for more information on recent uk visa application fees.

UK Visa Applicaion Form PDF

Start Your Application Here.

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