Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Dubai

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Enjoy a free undergraduate study with the undergraduate scholarship at university of Dubai. The full fund is not promised but the half you will receive really worth it. Get ready to enjoy a tuition waiver. So, if you are interested, apply with the application form here.

UAE is another country that is recognized as a tourist hub and also a country that recognizes its academic sector as the most prioritized in this world. Due to the level of recognition imposed on the academic sector, their educational institutions became citadels with sufficient infrastructures that will support students; both international and local.

However, in this scholarship scheme, there are prerequisites that must be recognized and above all, provided by applicants. They are all shown on this page but you must first of all, check your eligibility by going through the list of eligibility criteria released for foreign applicants. At this point, let us download the application form for the undergraduate scholarship at university of Dubai.

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Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria are already listed below for applicants that demand qualification criteria that determine the consideration status of applicants. Without much ado, explore and go through the qualification criteria of students that are intending to enjoy tuition waiver with this scholarship.

  1. You must be an international student with a government-issued ID.
  2. More to that, your high school transcript will be needed so as to confirm that you are an undergraduate aspirant.
  3. However, an applicant must have an interest in a study in Dubai and at any institution admitted.
  4. Meanwhile, an applicant that is over 25 years is not eligible for application.
  5. All required documents must be scanned and attached to the application in order to be submitted alongside the form.
  6. Ensure that you apply before the due date. Any application rendered later than the due date is totally ineligible for consideration.
  7. If you must know, both male and female can access this scholarship.

Now that you have gone through the eligibility criteria which all the aspirants must be meet up, the next line of action is to have an idea of the scholarship details.

Eligible Scholarship Level of Study

You are lucky to be a freshman that will enjoy this undergraduate study throughout your 4 years of staying in the country. Although it will take you documents to verify and confirm that you are really worthy of the scholarship, you will have your 4 years funded.

Scholarship Documents

Here are the documents required from international students that are demanding to leverage the undergraduate scholarship at University of Dubai. So, take your time to prepare all these documents before submission because they are the only materials that will prove your eligibility.

  • Previous academic transcripts
  • Digital passport photograph
  • English proficiency test
  • Evidence of University of Dubai admission.
  • Evidence of being an international student.

These are the eligible documents to be scanned and attached to the scholarship form before submission. Without much ado, go through the eligible subjects under this ongoing undergraduate scholarship at University of Dubai.

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Qualified Subjects under this Scholarship

Have you seen the eligible subjects under this scholarship ( Ongoing undergraduate scholarship at university of Dubai for international students ).

    • All subjects taught scholarship.

Undergraduate Scholarship at University of Dubai

Visit https://ud.ac.ae/admissions/undergraduate/scholarships-and-discounts#international-students-scholarship to start this journey of a program that will pay you off for the rest of your life. More to that, get ready to enjoy the free visa that emanates from this scholarship. Before application, an applicant must have received an unconditional admission offer at University of Dubai.

That said, you must apply for admission first before applying for the scholarship for interested foreign applicants. Remember, this scheme is only for high school finalists with their school diplomas. During the scholarship application, if any difficulty is encountered, head onto the comment box below to communicate it to us.

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