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Kick Start a Masters Degree program in one of the prominent Universities in France with a confirmed Universally given scholarship grant edition. Admitted students of Paris-Saclay University will kick-off the one fully free advanced Research program provided that they were nominated by nominees of this Universite Paris-Saclay Masters Scholarship.

Benefactors of this scholarship agreed on giving its beneficiaries, a fully-funded tuition fee to study in France if only you have are not currently undergoing another overpaid 650 euro scholarship from any part of the world. However, Universite Paris-Saclay Masters Scholarship is aimed at enlightening poor individuals currently budgeting for a Masters’s program in France or outside home.

With Universite Paris-Saclay Masters Scholarship, money is no more a factor for not being able to achieve your dreams in life because opportunity is opened by this university for all below 30 years scholars of any country aside France. More so, ensure that you haven’t ever been certified with Masters Degree Certificate before applying for this scholarship scheme because only freshmen of Masters Studies are top considered.

Nevertheless, knowing your french language is among the top considered factors of being selected apart from students applying from French-speaking country. But the most of all is that, you must apply no later than May being the due date and an aspirant must have been nominated by these below institutions.

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Nominating Universities

Only these universities can select whom will go for this Universite Paris-Saclay Masters Scholarship or not. Before attempting for the application, you must be a full participant or better still, a student of Universite Paris-Saclay. With this accomplishment, your consideration level will increase to 78%. After then, you can now look to observe the eligibility criteria. In addition to that, students must be selected by these institutions:

    • Universite de Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines
    • CentraleSupec
    • Institit d’Optique Graduate School
    • Ecole Normale Superieure Paris-Saclay
    • Universite d’Evry-Val-d’Essone

Recommendations from Beneficiaries

  1. Your French Proficiency Test is needed aside from Francophone countries.
  2. On the other hand, you must be a graduate with correct certificate of your Bachelor’s degree program which has been completed
  3. Beneficiaries of a certain unknown or known conditional or unconditional scholarship is not accepted into this scholarship.
  4. Apply before the date so that your application can be recorded amongst consideration list
  5. Please, you must be nominated before applying for the scholarship. After application, you can now submit through the online channel
  6. Submit with the supporting documents as required
  7. Only for citizens of a country aside from France can apply for Universite Paris-Saclay Masters Scholarship
  8. Prepare to take up a full study program for 2 years consecutively

Scholarship Rewards:

Awards will be offered to these scholarship recipients as rewards or grants of leveraging this scholarship opportunity. Without much ado, we wish to unveil few important rewards offered by the scholarship benefactors to the beneficiaries:

  • 100% paid tuition fee
  • Accommodation
  • Living Cost
  • Monthly Stipend
  • Travel fare into France and to your home country after the program

Expectations from Alumni:

Few things are expected from you after studies. Facilitators aimed at changing the lives of students and the student’s environment. Completing a Masters program consumes a lot of resources that’s the reason for picking a Masters program as one of their responsibilities so as to accommodate high-visioned and ambitious scholars.

  1. So, as a graduated scholar and full alumni of this french scholarship, you must enable others to accomplish their dream by first of all, returning to your respective communities after studies
  2. Then, trying to help other poor students through connections into the university if the student can kep up with the prompted academic grades and records.
  3. Speak for the less enlightened and further your studies towards PhD level for more establishments.

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More Details:

  1. It is only for graduates aiming for Masters.
  2. Lectures takes place in France, Universite Paris-Saclay precisely
  3. All your personal finances will be taken care of, including your transportation and external researches
  4. Your application form will be emailed to you by the university after you must have been selected by the nominating institution(s)
  5. Follow the sent link to apply (if you are eligible)

Universite Paris-Saclay Masters Scholarship

The application period has is closed for now and the application portal doesn’t exist for this scholarship. The link is shared and sent privately to individuals who were nominated. However, the new batch will soon be selected, so you should better be ready for this upcoming wowing opportunity.

Note that: Francophone country is a country that took French as an official language, just as Europe, America, and some other English speaking countries did. So, your fluency in French is highly needed here. For more inquiries, feel free to use the comment box below.


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