August 13, 2022
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University of Boras Scholarship Application | How to Apply Free

Dear applicants, take closer look to find out steps for university of Boras scholarship application. This is a special offer for tertiary students from every corner of the world. Anywhere you are applying around the world, provided that you are enrolling for Masters, you are eligible for the grant.

Each year, students look out for schemes that will support them fully or partially through their tertiary level. Bachelor’s level can be so expensive but Masters level can be more expensive. Your family background can deprive you from reaching your aim in life but your university is here to help you out. Are you a student of Boras but don’t know how to sort your Masters level, University of Boras is here for you.

This institute offers a 75% tuition waiver to all international students that are intending to enroll for their Masters study at the university and enrolled Masters students to cover the remaining two semesters. It is not meant for monetary expositions and due to that, living costs, accommodation, and other costs are not waived aside from tuition fee. Even the tuition fee waiver is 75% funding so University of Boras scholarship application will get you started.

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Qualified Subjects

All Masters subjects taught at University of Boras. So, before any international student apply for this Masters study at the institution, the student must browse to ensure that University of Boras has the corresponding coursework before doing University of Boras masters scholarship form download

Study Level

You will take your studies for 2 years. That said, you will stay away from home for 2 years just to complete your research program. If you are ready to face this, university of Boras scholarship application is what you must do.

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Who Can Apply?

If you don’t mind, these are the things that make you eligible for this scholarship. Naturally, you must be a self funding student. Also, enrolled students of University of Boras that are into Masters study already can as well consider to apply for this scholarship after the April session is rolled out. However, here are things that makes you qualified for the program

  • You must be applying for Masters.
  • Your choice of institution must be University of Boras.
  • Then, your academic transcripts must be ready.
  • Certificate of previous degree must be available to be presented during this application.
  • Hope you know that only tuition waiver is offered here? Due to that, you must be self-funded.
  • Medically fit students are allowed into the university. Students will particular ailments are ineligible because most enrolled students are vulnerable to diseases so its a risk.
  • Both male and female are recognizable but you must be below 35 years old.
  • More so, Masters students of University of Boras are also privileged to apply for this half funded tuition waiver to complete the remaining semesters.

These are facts and possessions that makes you eligible for this Masters tuition waiver award offered by university of Boras.

University of Boras Scholarship Application

Hello, The scholarship is closed so no application is accepted. Interested students are advised to stay put and stay close to us by subscribing to this newsletter or dropping their emails in the comment box below. It will help to communicate to all aspirants when the application due date is closer.

So, help us to help you by dropping your contact address in the comment box below. Application date will be released after enlistment list of previous scholarship will be publicized in April 2021.

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