University of Padua Scholarship Application Requirements

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Do you know all the University of Padua scholarship application requirements for international students that are aspiring to begin their academic journey with this scholarship? We have answered all the questions you must asked as relating to university of Padua scholarship.

Do you know that University of Padua is facilitating a scholarship scheme for international students intending to attain Bachelor’s and Master’s degree certificate in any field of study recognizable by the university?. It is a fully funded award rendered to students that are financial crippled.

That said that is is a need-based program that trains leaders of tomorrow. One of the basic tip of this program is that only international students that are not connected to Italy in anyway are eligible.

If you are an Italian, or studying at Italy, or has a dual citizenship in which Italy is either of them, you shouldn’t attempt the application as it is eligible and validated for only students with no attachment to Italy. More to that, you are free to do University of Padua scholarship application form download if you have never received an Italian related Bachelor’s degree or high school diploma.

In that case, students that studied in Italy before should not apply for University of Padua scholarship. The main objective of this scholarship is to let students that hasn’t ever smell Italy to come to Italy through this program after review university of Padua scholarship application requirements.

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University of Padua Scholarship Application Requirements

Do you know the eligibility criteria set for international students? Here are all you will provide in order to be eligible and set for applying the funding programme.

  • It is demanding that you must be an Italian student.
  • More to that, enroll for a course program that is only acceptable by University of Padua.
  • Also, only undergraduates and Masters upcoming students can apply for the program.
  • Hope you know that you must apply before the due date? This is because any application other than the due date is not considered.
  • Only highly talented prospective students and academically skilled can apply for the program.
  • Ensure that you are enroll for a coursework available in University of Padua.

Now that you have discovered all the requirements, it’s time to proceed to University of Padua scholarship application form download.

Required Application Materials

We are not objecting the fact that you want to do University of Padua scholarship application form download. We only want you to respect the fact that there are additional documents that you must submit alongside the application form:

  • High school diploma that isn’t in anyway related to Italian institution.
  • More to that, students that are applying for Master’s degree program must provide their Bachelor’s certificate as least of the degree document to provide.
  • Provide a non-Italian citizenship so as to be eligible.
  • More so, your English proficiency test will be needed as only English taught program is accessible here.
  • Do you know that your government issued ID will be needed? That is the proof of being a non-Italian.

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How to Apply for the Scholarship

There is no specified application form or additional requirements demanded for application. Going through the details above and attesting to the eligibility is enough to get you into the program automatically. You must enroll for a program or 4 programs ( because you can take 4 programs at once here ) at the university. Pay for the admission fee, that is the only fee to introduce here because it will serve as acceptance signal.

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