University of Queensland Scholarship for Postgraduates

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University of Queensland scholarship for postgraduates offers eavesdropping amounts to beneficiaries for supporting their research program throughout their study duration which wouldn’t exceed 3 years. So, are you interested? Do you dream of receiving supports while only study is your responsibility? Then follow this simple on-screen guide to possess your grant.

There is no special qualification for receiving this special grant. You should only know that applicants are demanded to ensure completion of first and second degree studies from any recognized university before anticipating for receiving a postgraduate degree. Most of all, both international and domestic students can apply for this university of Queensland scholarship for postgraduates because their financial aid is for both categories.

In that essence, the University of Queensland scholarship for postgraduates will not only enable you to study in Australia for free but equally offer assistance to receive a research experience abroad. In case you don’t know, your English proficiency test is a prioritized document for being considered as one of the beneficiaries. Therefore, apply for the University of Queensland scholarship for postgraduates.

More so, it might interest you to know that our application is done online, and before an application is considered, the prospective must have been admitted into this university. You must have enrolled for an eligible postgraduate course at the university. That’s the deal. Other requirements are shown below. Take your time to study it.

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Where to Apply?

You don’t have to go directly to the institution for you to successfully apply for the scholarship. It is a kind of scholarship that one can apply right from your home desk or even a smartphone. Your Pc as well will contribute to easy access to the scholarship portal. It is only at the portal that you will be able to apply for your own.

Place of Study

Queensland university will not only fund this scholarship but also accommodate selected beneficiaries to support their studies in Australia and for free. So, hello! Do you dream of studying in Australia or the University of Queensland precisely? Then, this is the time to shoot your shot because you will not only further a Ph.D. level of study but also partake in the research program for free.

Eligible Discipline

Above 1000 subjects are made available for students intending to attain a postgraduate study through this 2020 scholarship but your scholarship will be of great value when your course interest is on the field of Hydrogen Embrittlement of Steel Gas Pipelines. That said, an applicant remains worthy of selection when he/she is recognized as one of the newly or currently enrolled students of the university and also as an enrollment attached to this same subject emphasized here.

Requirements of the Scholarship from Applicants

  • Our scholarship is specially addressed to international students but home students are not excluded. Therefore, foreign applicants intending to receive this grant must prove the nationality with a national ID.
  • However, no student is qualified to offer multiple applications.
  • Application is a no-fee application and done online.
  • Moreover, as an applicant, you must have completed all approved degrees which are your Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees.
  • Equally, any of the postgraduate degrees to enroll must be the same subject studied on your previous degree.
  • In other words, the transcript of your previous degrees is also needed to confirm previous degree completion and how eligible you are for this scholarship.
  • Most importantly, our entrants must have an interest in studying as a full-time student in this prominent Australia university.

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Our Scholarship Deadline

The online portal will seize from taking application no later than the due date which is no other date than, 1st October 2020. So, once you realize how useful the university of Queensland scholarship for postgraduates is, then the only instruction that will keep ringing in your head is to heed to the rush of applying before the due date.

Value of the Scholarship Grant

30,000 USD is your annual bargain as a postgraduate beneficiary. Other benefits include; your accommodation, health insurance, living cost, monthly stipend, and a few other material supports.

University of Queensland Scholarship for Postgraduates

In as much as you crave to be listed among current beneficiaries, you will first of all, apply for an enrollment program in one of the postgraduate courses available in the university and it must be no other course other than a Hydrogen Emrittlement for Steel Gas Pipeline. Apply for admission at so that you can qualify for our grant. Only after enrollment is offered, will you be able to receive this grant.

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