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USA student visa application guide is already here for you to explore and discover how to start and complete application of USA student visa no matter your nationality. Regardless of your country, your role is to note down the kind of student visa to apply for depending on your purpose for the travel.

The truth is that USA created three different student visa types for foreigners but they are under two categories of student visa in USA. However, immigrant and non-immigrant visas are the major types of visa that will be applied for. For students travelling to USA temporarily will apply the non-immigrant visa while the immigrant visa is for residence aspirants. Travel to USA as a student now after discovering your travel purpose.

Meanwhile, we have taken note of your purpose as education but do you know the duration of your stay in USA?. The study duration will also go a long way in helping you determine the exact visa type to go for. Without much ado, here are USA student visa type listed below. Check them and decide on the best for yourself.

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USA Student Visa Type

Whether you are applying an immigrant visa or a non-immigrant visa, there are three versions of visa that you must apply from. Anything out of these is not a student visa and won’t be considered by the embassy or any consulate in your country.

  • M1 USA Visa: This is the limited visa for limited duration. Meant for aspirants that are travelling to US for vocation or learning professional skills. It is under the non-immigrant because it is a sure bet that any applicant that travel with the M1 visa will surely be back.
  • J1 Visa: Looking at this visa, students that apply for it are always ones travelling to US for sponsored studies. Mainly for only high school and tertiary pursuit continuation or start over.
  • F1 Student Visa: Do you know that students that fund themselves always travel to US with the F1 visa? This is because the F1 is the visa type designed for all the college or tertiary entrants that will fund themselves through the program that they were enrolled in at the US university that got them admitted.

However, there are documents that you must provide, they are the requirements all the applicants must provide in order to prove the validity of their application.

Requirements from International Applicants 

One of the most important criteria that will make you eligible alongside other expectations is that you must be a student. It is a student visa, so you ought to be a student. More to that;

  1. Ensure that you are not a US citizen.
  2. Proof of agreement to return to your home country after completing your program here in US.
  3. Do you have the Form 1-20? Get it from the USA school that got you admitted into their institution as a proof of accepted enrollment.
  4. You must be a student that is financial stable and capable enough to take care of his/her studies, including the personal cost until the duration elapses.

These will make you eligible for this USA student visa application. For you to complete the application online, there are documents ought to be available.

Supplementary Documents

Simply provide all these documents to have your USA visa application rendered directly to the desk without further ado;

  • Bank statement that will prove your financial stability.
  • Degree certificate of your previous level of study that will prove eligibility for the new one that you just got admitted to.
  • On the other hand is the 2 recent passport photographs.
  • TOEFL or IELTS that will prove your English proficiency.
  • Proof of application fee.
  • Fully filled application form.
  • Form 1-20 offered to you by the institution that admitted you.
  • Additionally, international passport is needed here.

Get them completely and proceed with the geek shared below for complete USA visa student application.

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USA Student Visa Application

Simply adhere to the instructions so as to travel to USA for a sponsored or self sponsored studies. After checking your eligibility and providing the documents, simply

  • Get an admission in any USA university. Let it be an enrollment in the field of study you want to further.
  • If you luckily got a scholarship, that will be and remain a good news.
  • Log onto the application page to fill the Form DS-160.
  • Pay for your application and provide the proof.
  • Complete the application and schedule an appointment for your interview.
  • Other procedures will be communicated to you directly later.

How is this information? Helpful or not?. Simply use the comment box below to indicate.

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