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Are you ready to travel now? USA to UK visa application form is now available at a cheap rate, it is not for free. Also see the additional documents that will be attached to the form when you are done filling it.

Peradventure, you are trying to apply for UK Visa in the USA, ask yourself if you need visa to travel to UK. As a standard visitor, you are to stay in UK for 6 months only. This is the duration for business, study, or work purposes. However, there can be an extension if it is related to health.

There has been many questions on do a US citizen need visa to travel to UK? The truth is that when a US citizen is traveling to UK for tourism or business, UK tourist visa or UK business is not need. There won’t be any need for you to apply UK visa but to ensure that you will go back to your country once your validated time is up. Then, for other purposes like transit visa, student visa or medical visa, UK visa will be needed and this is how to apply UK visa in the USA.

As a visitor, you are to stay in UK for 6 months as a visitor, but critical circumstances like health will make you eligible for UK visa extension. UK has a lot of places that can keep your interest glued to the country such as London as a city and other tourist centers. People from other countries including US come to UK for tourism, as an academic, to meet professional medical practitioners, and engage in business contracts.

So, before you travel to UK, be certain of your purpose so as to find out your eligibility to Uk visa application. Interestingly, travelers from various countries, including US citizens can now apply UK visa online. The needed documents must be ready totally, for you to make good documentations during USA to UK visa application.

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Who is Eligible to Travel to UK?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about when you are going to stay in UK for 6 months for any of the purposes designed for visitors.

  • For a visit as an academic
  • A visit to meet any of the medical practitioners.
  • For a visit
  • Tourism, since UK has a lot of tourist visas.
  • Visit for anything concerning business or work.
  • For volunteer works in UK that takes up to 30 months or less.
  • Apart from charity work, people travel to UK to visit their family members and friends.
  • Hope you also know that anyone can travel to UK once it is related to some of these UK recognized recreational courses such as dance course?

As a US citizen, travel to UK for tourism, business, demands no visa, but when it is for other visa types, you are expected to apply, even if you are passing through UK to another country, i.e transit visa, you will go through visa application process. You can now find out how to apply or probably download the application form to apply online.

UK Visa Application for USA Applicants

We can now refer to the documents you need when it comes to you traveling to UK with UK visa. Allow me to reveal the current working UK visa application requirements for US citizens and other foreigners too.

  1. Download the application form or get it from UK embassy.
  2. A complete itinerary that detailed your travel movements in UK
  3. NB: Before we proceed, if you don’t have a long stay visa, do no to go to UK for a paid work for a UK company or become an entrepreneur until you get the long stay visa, the one above the 30 days duration.
  4. Two current passport photo of a full face on a light background.
  5. An international passport that will still remain valid for extra 3 months from now and with at least three blank pages.
  6. A certified medical test : Tuberculosis test.
  7. Provide your other visas if you have traveled before and passport alongside the stamped pages.
  8. Proof of your status as a US citizen.
  9. An ID to prove your nationality.
  10. Proof of accommodation which can be a hotel reservation or a proof of letter from your family or friend in UK.
  11. Also, you are provided to prove your subsistence to fund yourself until you are back from UK. You will do this by submitting your source of subsistence, that is, your bank statement or financial status of your guardian.
  12. Application form fee receipt
  13. Biometric information that will be needed in your interview.

Get a signed translation of any document that didn’t appear in English or Welsh.

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USA to UK Visa Application

After you have discovered your reason for UK travel, find out your eligibility for UK visa. If you are going for any of the reasons that doesn’t require visa, do not bother to go through this purpose.


  • Go to UK embassy working in your area with the documents. You may contact your country in case there is an additional document that we are yet to know.
  • In other words, download UK visa for US citizens application form here.
  • Complete the application fees payment.
  • Submit the documents and book an appointment.
  • Attend the interview with your biometrics.
  • More information will come-by later.

If you have any other related questions, use the comment box below.

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