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Vodacom Discover Graduate Programme is a permanent employment opportunity offered generously to African graduates; specifically to Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Mozambique and Lesotho. Candidates will undergo 2 years program related to the field to associate within vodacom business.

The Vodacom Discover Graduate Programme enhances the social network of graduates because it enables them to have experiences in different areas of life and at diverse part of the world. Vodacom Business is a technology-related business that brings sufficiency to graduates without a job because you will not only be employed but also undergo training that will lead you through your working period.

In addition to that, students of these qualified countries will be talked through the efficient one way to apply for the Vodacom Discover Graduate Programme 2020 that will end this August 2020. This programme starts on February 1st, 2020. However, graduates making an attempt for this application must have gained minimum of 2 years of working experience in their related field and those assigned qualified fields of studies were listed below. That said, not every university graduate can apply for this scholarship.

But following this program will offer you an arena of choosing a befitting country to undergo your work and earn your income. Its so certain that a graduate has a minimum qualification of Bachelor’s degree. If you haven’t obtained a Bachelor’s Degree since lifetime, do not approach the application portal because of your ineligibility. Did we tell you that 3 years National Diploma is considered?

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Study Area for National Diploma

There are three study areas that National Diploma is accepted. If you are a student with 3 years National Diploma in any of these listed fields, then you are good to go:

  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Information Systems/Technology
  • Computer Engineering

With your Diploma in these aspects, we have no obstruction entitled to it.

Other Required Qualifications

  1. An applicant that is known as a graduate should have a minimum of Bachelor’s Degree certificate
  2. Citizens of non-qualified countries shouldn’t attempt to apply for the scholarship
  3. We will show you the accepted constituency
  4. The satisfactory academic result is demanded
  5. Your work experience shouldn’t exceed 4 years but will be a minimum of 2 years.
  6. Be ready to attend the 2 years Skills training programme towards your field of focus in Vodacom Business
  7. An application later than August 31 is literally prohibited
  8. Undergraduates are not allowed
  9. Applicant’s English Proficiency is also needed
  10. However, discover countries with a qualification profile by Vodacom

Qualified Countries

These are countries that her students can apply for this opportunity given to graduates only. Discover Programme is for Africans and below Africans, few countries were selected:

  1. Mozambique
  2. Tanzania
  3. South Africa
  4. Kenya
  5. Lesotho
  6. Ghana

Only these countries can forward an application and later be considered. So, this youth empowerment program is addressed to these above-mentioned countries.

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Vodacom Discover Graduate Programme

This is not just for students but for graduates that genuinely completed a Bachelor’s program in any prestigious or recognized university because there were not outlined university in alignment with the scholarship. So, provided that you have a Bachelor’s degree qualification, then you are good to go. Also have in mind that this is an employment opportunity that will take responsibility for your income throughout your years in collaboration with them. So, take your training program seriously to ensure good knowledge impact

How to Apply

  • You will first of all check the eligibility requirements to ensure your eligibility status. Only the positivity of the eligibility will ensue the application
  • Now that you are eligible, visit – https://careers.vodafone.com/Vodacom/job to apply for this graduate opportunity program
  • Your application can only be considered if you are above 20 years but hasn’t exceeded 26 years.
  • Answer the pre-screening questions and provide required documents just as it was required
  • If there are more inquiries, tell us using the comment box below.


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