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VU Amsterdam scholarship application form can be found by any student intending to attain Master’s certification. Prior to that, if you are a Dutch student that intends to apply before August 01, 2022, which is the due date for the scholarship application, it is utterly necessary for you to deploy deviation now because Dutch citizens are ineligible.

Vrije Universitet is a recognized higher institution in Netherlands. This scholarship will be undertaken in the VU Amsterdam and it has concentrated on certifying students with Master’s degree. You will be certified gladly when a proper application is implemented but the most sweetest thing about it is that you can access any postgraduate subject with this scholarship provided that you met all the postgraduate requirements from students.

Moreover, this page has created the bridge for students to start and complete the scholarship application with the VU Amsterdam scholarship application form which we have unveiled on this page. So, are you a student that intends to be certified with a Master’s program? VU Amsterdam scholarship application form download is shown here for you to fill the application form properly, responsibly and promptly.

If you must know, English proficiency test is needed during application so that you will prove your English competence. After that, you must ensure that you are not from Dutch national. Dutch nationalities are prohibited from application because they are not qualified to enjoy the tuition fee waiver, monthly stipend waiver, accommodation fee waiver or free accommodation, health insurance and some other additional grants. So, apply with the application form situated at the online portal.

Qualified Candidates

International students are sole receivers of this grant apart from students from Dutch nationals. So, if you are a student that met with this nationality requirement yet wants to complete a Master’s program, you are free to shoot your shot with the VU Amsterdam scholarship application form. It is available and reachable online. The URL will be share soon. Stay with us.

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List of Qualified Countries for VU Amsterdam Scholarship

Qualified constituencies has been mentioned and it comprises of students from any country apart from Dutch. That said, you are quite lucky when you meet the geographical requirements provided that your aspiration is to study a Masters program. Don’t worry about the grant, it is a fully funded grant.

Check Eligible Subjects

The happiest thing about VU Amsterdam postgraduate scholarship 2022 is that all the postgraduate subjects available in the institution is accessible by beneficiaries. Enlisted candidates are fully free to access all postgraduate courses in recognition. It will be necessary for applicants to check availability of the courses prior to their degree before attempting for an application. Above all, you are free to apply if your course is among the recognized courses. You can browse the university portal.

Scholarship Deadline

Do you know that the 2022 VU Amsterdam postgraduate scholarship deadline is already close? It is no longer far. Start and complete the application with all the documents prior to the scholarship. When the application is complete, move to the portal after you have learned how to download VU Amsterdam scholarship application form, and submit the application before first February, 2022.

Supplementary Documents

Needed documents are mostly the academic transcript of your previous degree that will prove your eligibility for this next target. As the scholarship is targeted at attaining a Masters program prior to your field of study, you must provide the transcript alongside;

  • Recent or updated CV.
  • Recommendation letter.
  • Evidence of English competence ( English proficiency test ).
  • National ID.
  • Proof of admission offer by the VU Amsterdam.

Moreover, there are significant requirements from students so take note of them here and now.

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Requirements from International Students

  1. Ensure that you are not from Dutch nation.
  2. More so, GPA result of at least 80% is needed.
  3. It will be necessary for you to know that any applicant intending to leverage this grant must be free from any sort of Netherlands or Netherlands related scholarship currently.
  4. It is an English taught program so you must know how to speak English.
  5. You must have an agreement of maintain high and satisfactory academic record level during the program.

So, if you want to enjoy this cost waiver program created by the Netherlands for all eligible international students, apply with the application form below.

VU Amsterdam Scholarship Application Form

Interestingly, the VU Amsterdam scholarship application form is downloaded online by students that aspire for successful application and approval result. If you want to tailor free grant to your postgraduate experience, visit before the deadline. Apply promptly and ensure that you made an attachment of all the required documents to your application form.

Moreover, it might interest you to know that candidates must be admitted into the institution before application will be considered. In that case, recognize the steps during application and follow the application guide which instructs that application is not valid after the due date.

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