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Wechat registration is easy, especially if you have gotten the app. Plus the WeChat web login that enables you to sign into your WeChat account on pc without a password. Now, first thing first, if you have a WeChat app, then there are things you should know.

Number one is that, you will be able to message your friends by and large, also you will be able to make quality video and voice calls. Moreover, just like Whatsapp, Wechat allows group communication, plus group call.

Furthermore, Wechat registration brings you into another world of discovery, with the app, you can be able to make an online payment, Vote for Big Brother Naija 2020 housemates, trade etc.

Now, if you have not sign up WeChat account or have not downloaded the app, then you will need to study carefully how to download WeChat app for free. Below is a guide on how to do that.

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How to Do Wechat Registration

Here are the steps on how to register a wechat account for free:

  • You are to download wechat app into your mobile phone, install the app and agree on the app’s terms of use.
  • Now, proceed to tap on sign up.
  • O the next page; enter your mobile phone number and also choose your country code.
  • Create your own personal login, you can do this by entering a password and a username of your choice.

WeChat Verification

WeChat verification is one the things that people find it difficult doing; some  people said that, WeChat has the most toughest verification method but this is good, so as to help you protect your account, here is how to verify your account on WeChat:

  •  You are to ask any of your friend who has a WeChat to paste your mobile phone number on his “Help Friend Register Box”
  • The person will have to do that, immediately you tap on verify, any delay will cancel the action.

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  • After a confirmation of verification, a code will be sent to your visa SMS, so copy the code and paste at the space meant for it.
  • Tap on verify and wait to finish.

Wechat Sign up without Phone Number

To create a WeChat account without phone number is not possible, WeChat do not allow account sign up without a phone number. Your phone number is one of the things you will insert while trying to register wecht account for free. However, you should be aware that WeChat is hundred percent safe to make transactions and so, non of your data will be made public without your consent, so feel free to sign up w4chat with phone number.

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