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WhatsApp Download App – Get to Meet, Chat and Mingle on www.whatsapp.com Messenger. Whatsapp from Facebook is a free messaging app available for smartphones and pcs. The app works in almost all smartphones, including PCs and desktops. More so, it runs in different networks -2G, 3G, 4G and 5Gerenation network connections. However, installation of whatsapp 2020, whihc is the latest version of whatsapp accepts all network connection but connects with PC via QRD Code.

To be able to get connected to whatsapp to chat, meet and mingle, the applicants will have to sign up whatsapp account, this usher into whatsapp new account. Don’t worry, we will show you how.

But for every generations of networks, whatsapp acts differently, however, to enjoy whatsapp features like clarity of voice and video calls, files sharing and status update, the users will have to upgrade to a minimum 4G network. However, if your phone has a 4G network, then you are entiled to enjoy all whatsapp features.

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Basic Features of Whatsapp Application

Here are the things you will enjoy once you do whastapp download app:

  • You will be able to make quality video and voice calls
  • Call international and local line.
  • Just like skype, the new whatsapp 2020 may embrace call across landline.
  • Send free emojis and stickers while on chat with someone.
  • Moreover, if you are tires you can cheaply swap to voice chat to pass message easily.
  • Enjoy fast sharing. Currently, you can share files faster and freely on whatsapp.
  • Create a whatsapp group and stay connected with your school mate, work mate etc.
  • Share your daily experiences just as you do on Facebook stories or simply advertise your products on whatsapp status.
  • There is an avenue call fingerprint, so enjoy more security by locking your whatsapp apk with whatapp fingerprint.
  • All message are now end to end encrypted.
  • Scan your QRD Code across various devoces to connect to yoir account.
  • Create two whatsapp account on one device

WhatsApp Download App | How to Create Whatsapp Account

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If you are ready now, we can show you how you can sign up a new whatsapp account on your phone:

  • Open your browser and log on to Google playstore.
  • Search for the app and download immediately.
  • Install the app into your mobile phone.

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How to Sign up

  • Locate the app on your phone and tap open.
  • Enter your mobile phone and proceed to verify the number.
  • Copy the code which whatsapp will send to you and paste at the provided space to complete your verification.
  • Enter a username of your choice.
  • Edit your profile.
  • Allow whatsapp gain access to your contacts so as to import your contacts.
  • Also allow whatsapp to gain access to your messenger, gallery etc.
  • Have accepting all that, tap on next and wait to connect.

WhatsApp Messenger Download Online

Here is yet another way to download the whatsapp apk into your phones. You can download app from www.whatsapp.com. So visit the website and tap on download, choose your phone type afterwards and tap on download to install your app.

Whatsapp Web Login

Whatsapp web, is simply the true way of passing access to another device. With whatsapp web, you can link your whatspp account from mobile phone to pc or from one mobile phone to another. So login via whatsapp web, simply tap-open your whatsapp account on your phone and equally open whatsapp on third party device. Tap on whatsapp web from the menu list on your phone and choose to scan code via whatsapp web. Face the two codes across each other and wait to connect.

WhatsApp Facebook Login

The new whatapp from Facebook is now available online. You can update your whatapp to see the Facebook login on it. Simply enjoy whatsapp better now with Facebook watch on it. Security is much more than before and there is easy access.

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