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I am sure you want to find out why car insurance premium increase. When you look at it, there are many reasons, I mean, factors both in your control and out of your control that cause an increment in the rate of your auto insurance rate.

People start feeling attached to their cars immediately after they buy them. It is natural to have an emotional attachment to your car but these days, it has occurred to us that auto insurance is not helping us with their rates at all. Rates climb rushingly every year, if not every week now. If I must say, it is not the fault of your insurer, but the fault of the costliness of things.

In recent times, it is hard to keep up with inflation in the rate of auto insurance rates. That is why people keep asking us why car insurance premium increase. In some cases, Policyholders contribute to the increment of their rates but have no idea. Rub off the ignorance with a guide like this. There are measures to take when you notice a speedy increase in rates but due to ignorance, you will never know.

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Why Car Insurance Premium Increase

When you notice a hike in your insurance rate, check these factors below and also discover how to help yourself in keeping up with the price of things. To help in easy understanding, they will be elaborated after listing.

Rash driving: This is always the fault of the driver. Your insurer always has the road offenses committed with all their registered cars, yours inclusive. When engage in driving without seatbelts, ignoring traffic lights and signs, involving in other road-related crimes will not only land you in legal trouble but also cause an increase in your car insurance premium in case of any potential damage. The increase will cover potential car damages that you may incur to the car soonest.

Car Model: In recent times, there are vehicles with high-tech components that help drivers to maintain safety with the safety features. Due to the accident avoidance features, these cars are often expensive to fix or replace, such models will cause an increment to your car insurance premium. That is to say, expensive cars lead to expensive car insurance premiums.

On the other hand, manufacturing some car model components are discontinued, when a client or policyholder is driving such a vehicle, finding its components will be very difficult, hence the repairs will cost high as well. The insurance declared value of a such car is very high and these factors can add to the increase of your car premium.

Number of Cars: Hope you know that the higher the number of cars added to a policy, the higher the car insurance rate. If you add another car or another driver to your policy, the premium will surely increase.

Age of the Driver: Do you know that the policy of a teenage driver is more costly than an old-aged driver? Also, when you add a teenager as a driver to your policy, it will cause an increment in the rate of your policy. Due to the chances of getting into an accident or causing damages, the premium of an older driver is higher than a young one.

Old Car: An aged car is likely to damage all the time due to depreciation. To cover such claims due to their vulnerability to regular damages, a higher premium will be suggested to cover the repair bills. In layman terms, covering an old car also contributes to the price of your insurance because of the damage frequency, and some of the components are no longer manufactured, so they are hard to locate. Such difficulty triggers high in repair price.

Inflation: The dominant contributor to this whole increase is the inflation in the economy of a country. This involves the high cost of repairs, and the cost of properties because auto insurance doesn’t only cover only car problems but also damages caused by the car such as property damage, injured victim’s medical care, etc. Due to the high cost of medical care, car components, and car repairs, a higher premium is inevitable.

Your Location: If you live in a large metropolitan area where there are crowded roads due to a high number of cars on road, you are likely to involve in car crashes.

Claims Frequency: If you frequently claim your insurance, your insurer will Mark you as a risky driver and tag your profile as a risky one. As a result of that, your auto insurance rate will be hiked.

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How to Prepare for Increase in Car Insurance Price

After going through these measures, you may have seen your fault in one, two, or more places. So, we suggest you take proactive measures such as discovering higher deductibles, the discounts you are eligible for, having or maintaining a good driving record, and so on.


  • If you have an additional driver, drop one driver from your policy or if you must have another driver in your insurance policy, it shouldn’t be a teenage driver.
  • Either you change your location if you are residing in one of the metropolitan areas or be ready to pay the increased insurance rates yearly/monthly/ according to your terms.
  • It is already clear that an expensive car comes with expensive repair bills and expensive auto bodies. So, instead of getting a car you can’t maintain + with insurance declared value + expensive auto insurance cost, go for an affordable and an enticing car model.
  • Browse various car insurance companies to find desirable and convenient policies, pick and shop from these ones.

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