August 13, 2022
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Yale Scholarship for Africans | Yale Young Africa Scholarship

Yale scholarship for Africans is a dream come true. Yale University is the 15th Best university in the whole world while its the 3rd in US only. Its costs are so high even for wealthy class but with great confidence, they decided on offering academic free scholarship to Africans. Isn’t it hilarious?

This scholarship is categorized as impossible action but here we are with all the reality proof portraying crystal clear. Almighty Yale University in US readily offers all study level scholarship to international students in any field demonstrated in their department field. Students especially Africans are urged to apply for an aspiring scholarship for every student.

Meanwhile, living cost, tuition fee and other prioritized expenses are paid dependent on the value of your family finances. Here, we wish to tell you that your parent’s financial status in the Society can not hinder you from advancing your network or mobile your life status. Even academic records are not an added advantage to selection of candidates in this scholarship

Selection is judged depending on your accountability, comportment, and luck. Other basic factors of selecting finalist or enlisting candidates that works for other scholarship body doesn’t relate to selection criteria of Yale scholarship for Africans. However, determining your scholarship amount and subsidization of some university-related cost lies solely on how much your parents earn.

If your parent(s) earn over $65,000, then your focused course and field of study will give account of how much to contribute to welfare of your scholarship but if reverse is the case, all your costs are covered and taken responsible of, by Yale University. What an astounding move!!

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Selection Criteria

Students are not selected based on their academic performances or level, that one is assured. But other aspects that can guarantee the perfectness of your filed application is not yet made known for this 2021.

In other words, students that applied for 2020 scholarship session should check their email. Currently enlisted students has been publicized and informed directly. So, check your email provided during application. If you were unable or couldn’t find any update from Yale University Scholarship, you are outwardly deselected.

Qualified Countries

All nationality are urged to file their Yale scholarship application. But Africans are mostly addressed to. Prior to that, high school finalists ready for undergraduate pursuit, graduates that are already fit for Masters certification and Postgraduate nomination are recommended.

Documents Required

These are the documents that will be filed alongside the application form

  • Transcript of previous academic records
  • Passport Photograph
  • A CSS profile
  • Tax returns of Parents
  • A manual written essay on one of the Topics outlined for applicants.

Scholarship Award

Nature of Scholarship Award is selected based on your parent’s status. If your parent/guardian earns over 65 US dollars, then your study field and level of study will determine how much to contribute to the forwardness of your scholarship.

But if your parent/guardian earns less $65, all your lodging costs, feeding, tuition fee and rest of them will be catered for, by the institution. Its an agreement. Note that parent’s finance level are assessed by their Assets/Investments, Employment status, Bank Statement and so on.

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Different deadlines has been initiated for better or perfect convenience of global students. January and November are the two categorized deadline for application. If you miss the other, complete it with the next.

Yale Scholarship for Africans

Its an annual program that is currently not ongoing. Receiving of application from International students seized at the moment because all the filed applications are being taken care of. Students that applied for 2020 scholarship evaluation are being selected and application processed. So, you gotta give us some time, till the evaluation and selection period elapse. If you wish to be noted, drop an accessible contact address on the comment box below.

Study Location:

All the luckily selected aspirants will now be transferred to Yale University, US for a fresh start or completion of the academic cycle. Imagine yourself studying and advancing network among the long-established professors and students from world of wealth. Feel free to access best academic atmosphere of lifetime.


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