Young Talented Postgraduate Scholarship Application Requirements

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Young talented postgraduate scholarship application requirements will help you to know all the criteria demanded from international students so as to expand their professional network in Brazil. Fortunately, it is a no-fee online application that will win a position for you to undergo postgraduate study in your relative field.

Do you know how easy it is for you to study in Brazil for free and as an international student. In addition to the free travel into another environment, you will be supported and taken care of while you undergo your project in the recognized university which has decided to offer you the grant without strict requirements. That said, you are free to migrate to Brazil with student travel visa when you have received an invite of successful application from the awardees.

However, for an applicant to win the heart of the awardees, you must meet with the indicated requirements. Prior to that, the eligibility criteria is a special set of requirements and endorsed and given to students intending to attain a postgraduate certificate through this outstanding and innovative scholarship scheme. Therefore, this page on young talented postgraduate scholarship application requirements will help you to master all the criteria.

In the pursuit of a free study in Brazil, federal university of Sao Paulo will accommodate doctoral applicants and on the other hand, fund for their academic costs provided that these students enlisted as beneficiaries will maintain the agreement and policies set for them. There is no more time. Since you are interested, ensure that you apply before 28th October each year because it is an annual program.

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Host Institution

Without much ado, take a closer look at these requirements stated here so that you will fall in the list of successful candidates that will leverage a free study in federal university of Sao Paulo. This is the participating university and also the grantee.

Application Deadline

Young talented postgraduate scholarship application is an annual journey that seize to move after 28th October. So, our aspirants should note that when an application is submitted later than the due date which is 28th October, it won’t be considerable. On the other hand, multiple application is highly prohibited. The penalty might cost you the award.

Postgraduate Scholarship at Federal University of Sao Paulo

This is an innovative event created in Brazil to enable students achieve their life dream and also embrace the highest academic qualification. Students that are qualified to study in the accredited university must be students that are qualified to startup a doctoral program. In the cause of confirming your eligibility;

  • Your academic transcript will be needed.
  • CV
  • Passport photograph
  • Completely filled application form
  • Reference letter
  • Recommendation letter e.t.c.

These and more are all you will provide during the application. You must scan and then, attach them to your application form. That’s it. As a matter of fact, let’s take a closer look at all the Young talented postgraduate scholarship application requirements.

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Young Talented Scholarship Application Requirements

Actually, it is only when a scholarship requirement is met that international students will be able to apply for the scholarship properly and responsibly. Therefore, below are all the scholarship requirements;

  • You must be an international student that will love to study any of the listed qualified postgraduate subject in Federal university of Sao Paulo.
  • Since you are about to study in a well defined university that attracts students from different countries, your English proficiency test will be needed. That is to say, you must be English competent.
  • On the other hand, your level of study must blend with the indicated eligible study level in the scholarship scheme. Obviously, we are addressing the postgraduate study that will be accessed with the program.
  • If you must know, all the documents demanded for supporting your application form must be submitted alongside the application form.
  • Most importantly, an applicant must have an ORCID number which is created at Generating this number is free so visit the website to launch your own number for application.
  • Your field of study must be compatible with the list of subjects available in the university.

Congratulations! You are on the trail of students with clear idea of the scholarship requirements. You can now apply with the help of the section positioned below.

How to Apply Young Talented Postgraduate Scholarship

We have to come to the part of application. This is the task that will crown it all. If you know all the requirements without knowing how to apply, it is better off not knowing at all. In that case, turn on your data connection once again and visit so as to apply responsibly and promptly.

We wish you luck and also, be informed that you can create an atmosphere for conversation on the comment box below.

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